Although Savannah, Georgia looks beautiful year-round, some months are certainly more ideal for a visit than others. While it’s true that most people consider spring the best time to visit Savannah, I personally have another favorite time of year.

I won’t keep you in suspense… it’s fall! There’s no doubt about it. Fall is spectacular. Christmas in Savannah is my second favorite, and spring in Savannah is tied with the holiday season.

To help you plan the perfect Savannah vacation and decide which time of year would work best for you, I’ve come up with a list of pros and cons for each season.

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Now, let’s get to planning your (future) trip…

Spring in Savannah

As I mentioned above, spring is a very popular season for tourism, and there are many good reasons for that.

Topping the list: Spring in Savannah means it’s azalea season, and azalea season is undeniably the prettiest time of year to visit the city!

Pink azaleas in the foreground and a yellow mansion with a white rotunda in the background in Savannah's Historic District
Pink azaleas in the foreground and a row of beautiful historic mansions with detailed front porches in the background
Pink house and red brick wall with Confederate Jasmine spilling over the top from a secret garden in Savannah's Historic District
In addition to the azaleas, spring is also jasmine season in the South. You’ll find it spilling over garden walls throughout the Historic District, and it smells heavenly. | ©ErinClarkson

Spring Weather in Savannah

The weather in Savannah is mild during March and April, but then our famous Southern heat and humidity makes its presence known towards the beginning of May.

The average high in March and April is in the mid 70s, while it reaches to the mid 80s in May. The humidity makes it feel much hotter.

You can count on the early morning and late evening hours to be pleasant throughout the season.

Springtime Events in Savannah

Spring is when some of the biggest events of the year occur in the city.

Two of Savannah’s major spring events are St. Patrick’s Day and the Savannah Tour of Homes and Gardens.

St. Patrick’s Day:
Our St. Patrick’s Day celebration is the second largest in the United States!

Festivities include the St. Patrick’s Day Parade, the “greening of the fountain” in Forsyth Park, and the Mass of the Feast of St. Patrick at the Cathedral Basilica of St. John the Baptist.

Plan for it: The parade will be on March 17, 2025 (date confirmed)

NOGS Tour of Hidden Gardens:
This event allows you to tour private homes and gardens throughout the Historic District. It’s held annually in March or April and spans a few days.

Plan for it: April 25, 2025 (date confirmed)

Insider Tip: Hotel prices rise significantly in the weeks surrounding St. Patrick’s Day, and you need to book accommodations months in advance. Here are the top Savannah Historic District hotels.

Can’t-Miss Spring Destinations

When visiting Savannah during the spring season, there are a few spots you absolutely shouldn’t miss.

Bonaventure Cemetery
This is one of the most beautiful cemeteries in the entire world, and March is the peak blooming season for azaleas in the cemetery.

You’ll see a sea of pink blooms in nearly every direction you look. It’s incredible!

Elaborate statue grave marker surrounded by bright pink azaleas and oak trees draped with Spanish moss
Bonaventure Cemetery looks beautiful in the spring. It’s covered in hot pink azaleas as far as the eye can see in some directions. See more photos here: Bonaventure Cemetery

Forsyth Park
The park is an ideal place to go for a stroll and enjoy nature.

You can always count on seeing seasonal plants surrounding the iconic fountain, and azaleas and dogwoods bloom throughout the park.

Best time to visit Savannah is spring because you'll find pink and white azaleas blooming in front of Forsyth Fountain
The best time to visit Savannah GA is in spring if you want to see thousands of beautiful pink azaleas in front of Forsyth Fountain
Stately yellow mansion with white columns bordering Forsyth Park in Savannah. Bright pink azaleas and sunlit oaks fill the foreground
This beautiful mansion faces Forsyth Park on the Whitaker Street side and looks stunning when the sunlight hits it just right. | ©ErinClarkson

Spring is also a fantastic time to visit Savannah’s Historic District. The beautifully maintained gardens and picturesque streets make it the perfect place to spend a day exploring.

You’ll find captivating squares, landmarks, churches, and incredible restaurants throughout the Historic District.

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Outdoor Dining Savannah

There are plenty of restaurants in Savannah that offer outdoor dining, and I suggest taking advantage of them during the spring season.

Here are a few of my favorite spots to grab a bite to eat while relaxing and enjoying the sunshine.

  • The Collins Quarter – This casual café has two locations to choose from: one on Bull Street and one in Forsyth Park. Their Avocado Smash is my go-to breakfast dish.
  • Bull Street Taco – Located in the Starland District, this is a fun and funky spot for Mexican food. I suggest the Chorizo Taco (topped with egg) or their unique Cauliflower Taco.
  • Little Duck Diner – This spot is dubbed a “vintage chic diner with a modern twist”. They’re known for their tomato soup and gourmet grilled cheese sandwiches.

I think we got really lucky getting spots at the bars, but we didn’t realize how truly far in advance you should book meals at the popular restaurants!

Cassie (via my Savannah First-Timer’s Guide Facebook group)

As one of the members in my private Facebook group suggests, you can always try to request a spot at the bar at the most famous Savannah restaurants — even if you forgot to make reservations in advance.

Is Spring the Best Time to Visit Savannah GA?

So, what’s my final verdict? Spring is an incredible time to visit!

Pros: Savannah looks magical with seas of colorful azaleas in bloom, and it’s almost as if the weather was designed specifically for long strolls through the Historic District.

It’s undoubtedly the prettiest time of year to visit. Still need proof? Check out Spring in Savannah: A Photo Essay.

Cons: The downsides to keep in mind are the high rates for accommodations, the crowds, the pollen that clings to every surface, and the rambunctious St. Patrick’s Day crowd.

(If you’re visiting to party, then consider that last one a perk.)

Where to Stay in Savannah in the Spring

I’ve hand-picked these options because they’ll give you some of the best views of the azaleas.

Hotel Bardo (formerly The Mansion on Forsyth Park) faces Forsyth Park, Planters Inn overlooks Reynolds Square, and the Eliza Thompson House was the first home ever built on beautiful Jones Street.

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Summer in Savannah

The summer months bring serious heat and humidity to Savannah, and just when you think the humidity can’t get any worse — the rainy season arrives!

Summer Weather in Savannah

The peak months for hot weather in Savannah are June, July, and August. That’s right… it’s miserably hot and humid all summer long.

When I tell you it’s a different kind of heat, I truly mean it!

Savannah is a coastal city, so it’s very humid. The humidity makes it difficult for your body to cool itself, which increases the “feels like” temperature considerably.

That means some days we might have a high of 90°F (32°C), but the “feels like” temp might be 105°F (40°C).

August is typically the rainiest month of the year — although it’s common to have brief, pop-up afternoon thunderstorms throughout the summer months.

A lush square in Savannah Georgia just after a fresh rainfall with mossy green resurrection fern covering the branches of numerous mature Southern live oaks
There are few things in the South that look more magical than Savannah’s squares after it’s just rained. The resurrection fern makes the trees look like something out of a fairytale. | ©ErinClarkson

📸 Photo Tip: One of the best times to capture incredible photos of Savannah is after a fresh rainfall. It brings out the resurrection fern that covers the Southern live oaks, and the brick sidewalks glisten from the rain. You can also capture pretty reflection shots.

Tips to Survive the Heat

If summertime is the only opportunity you have to vacation in Savannah, there are a few ways to make the best of your trip.

  • Plan to do the majority of your outdoor exploration in the early morning hours. The early evening hours also work, but note that many of the home tours and museums close at 5 or 6 p.m.
  • Spend the hottest portion of the day in the air conditioning — whether that’s indoors or on a tour bus. (Here’s a helpful post to help you decide which trolley tour is best for you.)
  • An afternoon nap is another great way to spend your time. Alternatively, as many Savannahians have discovered, the heat of the day makes a great excuse to head to the bar for a refreshing drink.
  • Speaking of drinks, it’s important to stay hydrated in the heat. Carry a water bottle with you so you can refill it throughout the day.
  • You’ll probably also want some ice cream when it’s hot out. Popular Leopold’s Ice Cream has been in business 100+ years!
  • Finally, I suggest wearing loose, flowy clothes so you’ll be more comfortable. Most restaurants have a very casual dress code during the summer months, since they realize you need to dress for the weather.
Monterey Square in Savannah with bright green grass and numerous live oaks filtering sunlight through the branches
Savannah’s famous squares are covered in shade trees and have plenty of benches, so they make the perfect place to relax during the heat of the summer.

Cant-Miss Summer Destinations

I always joke that the best way to spend a summer day in Savannah is to leave.

That’s right: leave the city and to head out to Tybee Island, Georgia!

After all, what better place to be when it’s hot out than at the beach?

Located only 25 minutes away, Tybee is the closest beach to Savannah. Tybee offers a typical laid-back “livin’ on island time” vibe.

Spend the day digging your toes in the sand, visiting the lighthouse, or indulging in seafood. Two restaurants you might want to try on Tybee Island include Sundae Cafe and Bubba Gumbos.

White cottage with a black and white lighthouse behind it and deep blue skies in the background
Tybee’s lighthouse dates back to 1736 and is the oldest and tallest in the state of Georgia. There’s a museum you can tour to learn more.

Is Summer the Best Time to Visit Savannah GA?

Not in my opinion. Sorry folks!

I know it’s when most people have time off work and are able to vacation with the family, but unless you really love the heat and humidity, it’s not the prime time to explore.

Pros: There are plenty of historic homes, landmarks, and museums in Savannah that will allow you to stay in an air-conditioned area during the heat of the day. Plus, the beach is only 25 minutes away!

Cons: The humidity is brutal. Summer is a fairly crowded time to visit. Crime in Savannah trends upwards during the summer months. The bugs are worse in the summertime, too.

Forsyth Park in the summertime with hydrangeas in the foreground and lush green grass shaded by Southern live oaks in the background
Forsyth Park is lush and green during the summer season! Hydrangeas bloom throughout the summer months. | ©ErinClarkson

Where to Stay in Savannah in the Summertime

I’ve hand-picked each of these options because they have pools where you can cool off when it gets too hot out!

Perry Lane is more of a luxury option, while both the Homewood Suites and Hampton Inn are reasonably priced and great for families.

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Fall in Savannah

Fall is my favorite time of year in Savannah!

Just make note that fall doesn’t truly begin around here until the last week in October.

When I say I love fall in Savannah, I’m really referring to the week surrounding Halloween — which is always a good time — and the month of November.

Fall Weather in Savannah

The summer heat and humidity tend to hang around throughout September and much of October.

The average high temperature in September is 86°F (30°C). When you add in humidity levels above 70%, the “feels like” temp climbs well into the 90s.

Insider Tip: September is the peak of Atlantic hurricane season. If you plan a trip during September, I recommend purchasing a hurricane travel insurance policy, just in case.

October is slightly better, since the air cools down in the early morning and late evening hours. The “feels like” temps still reach into the 80s.

October was still surprisingly warm weather, and traveling on the brink of Halloween added an extra “spooky” factor to the haunted city.

Audrey M. (via my Savannah First-Timer’s Guide Facebook group)

Once November rolls around, the daytime temperatures cool down considerably!

The average November high is usually in the low 70s. It’s also the driest month of the year in Savannah.

Yellow leaves surrounding an intricate Victorian porch on a home in Savannah
I’d love to sit on that porch with a glass of sweet tea and a good book. | ©ErinClarkson

The fall weather in Savannah is perfect for strolling around the city! The leaves start changing colors in November, and the city typically isn’t overcrowded.

Fall foliage peeking over the wall of a hidden garden in Savannah's Historic District
It’s always fun to get a peek at fall foliage in the secret gardens located within the Historic District. | ©ErinClarkson

Fall Events in Savannah

The beautiful fall weather provides an ideal opportunity to host events in Savannah, and there are some great ones!

  • Savannah Film Festival – This SCAD production is the largest university-run film festival in the country. It’s a star-studded event that draws lots of celebrities to our area.
  • Savannah PRIDE – While it’s not as big as the Atlanta event, Savannah’s PRIDE Festival is a fun-filled, multi-day event that includes a parade, fashion shows, bar crawls, fundraisers…and plenty of rainbows. It’s a good time!
  • Halloween – I can’t mention fall in Savannah without mentioning Halloween. Savannah is known as one of the most haunted cities in America, so we have plenty of spooky happenings year-round — the number of events just increase towards the end of October! Wag-O-Ween is a popular one that allows you to include your furry friends.
Multi-story white mansion with a Ghostbusters flag hanging over the front door
Multi-story mansion with pumpkins and fall decorations on the front porch
Multi-story white mansion in Savannah with a giant spiderweb and spooky Halloween decor
It’s always fun to stroll around the Historic District to see the fancy mansions decorated for Halloween! | ©ErinClarkson

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Can’t-Miss Fall Destinations

Each place I listed as a must-see in the spring should also be explored in the fall!

Although the azaleas won’t be in bloom, you can enjoy the colorful fall foliage instead.

Bonaventure Cemetery
The Spanish moss dangling in the trees against a backdrop of warm fall color adds an extra spooky touch to an already stunning cemetery.

Historic District
If you haven’t guessed by now, the Historic District is worth exploring year-round!

You’ll see homes decorated with pumpkins and fall decor, and many homeowners go all-out with their Halloween decorations.

River Street
This is another popular spot no matter the season, but I particularly love it in the fall. Check out the storefronts at River Street Sweets and Savannah’s Candy Kitchen.

They both tend to decorate with impressive seasonal decor, and it’s fun to stop in either shop for yummy fall treats like pralines, caramel apples, and seasoned nuts.

Savannah Candy Kitchen exterior decorated with oversized pumpkins, bales of hay, and fall decor
Pumpkins and Halloween decor at the entrance to River Street Sweets at night illuminated by warm lighting
Exterior of River Street Sweets with the red awning lit up at night and pumpkins and fall decor by the door
I’ve never, not once in my life, been able to walk past this store without going inside to sample the free pralines. | ©ErinClarkson

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Is Fall the Best Time to Visit Savannah?

My final verdict? Fall is my personal favorite, so it gets my vote as the best time to visit Savannah.

As much as I love it, I figure you might like it, too! Since it’s not as expensive as springtime, it’s worth giving it a shot.

I’m not the only one who thinks so, either…

We visited Savannah in mid October, it was an amazing time! Crowds were lower, and the weather was warm enough to enjoy shorts and sandals during the day and a light sweater at night! I would highly recommend a fall visit!

~Melanie (via my Savannah First-Timer’s Guide Facebook Group)

Pros: You’ll enjoy clear and sunny days, low humidity (by Savannah standards), spooky Halloween decor, delicious fall treats, and enough ghost tours to keep you busy for days.

Cons: Hurricanes, or the occasional mandatory evacuation due to a hurricane, are the only negatives that come to mind.

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Where to Stay in Savannah in the Fall

I’ve hand-picked each of the options below because they’re deep in the heart of the Historic District and are known for decorating beautifully for the fall season.

Front porch of an elegant mansion decorated with pumpkins and fall decor
In my opinion, fall is the best time to visit Savannah GA, and the Hamilton-Turner Inn is one of the best places you can stay! | ©ErinClarkson

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Winter in Savannah

December is the most romantic time of year to visit. I think it’s even better than Valentine’s Day, because Savannah’s Christmas lights are so magical.

Everything is decorated so beautifully during the holidays!

Winter Weather in Savannah

Like most places in the South, the winters in Savannah are rather mild.

Average lows are around 40°F and highs are typically in the 60s — sometimes even the low 70s.

January is by far the coldest month, but winter simply doesn’t last too long around here.

The tulip trees begin blooming by mid-February and are quickly followed by the azaleas.

Snow is almost unheard of.

If you’re lucky enough to be in Savannah when it’s snowing, make sure you take as many photos as possible! It’s a rare sight.

It’s actually much more common to see some fall foliage still hanging around in December than it is to see snow.

December in Savannah means holiday wreaths on doors and fall foliage on Jones Street.
In December it’s not at all uncommon to see Christmas wreaths on homes along Jones Street while there’s still fall foliage on display.

Most visitors are surprised to learn that the Southern live oaks seen throughout Savannah aren’t deciduous trees; they’re closer to evergreen and tend to replace their leaves slowly over a period of weeks.

There’s never a period of time where the trees look completely bare, and the beautiful Spanish moss is in the trees year-round.

Winter Events in Savannah

The majority of the events during the winter months are holiday-related.

  • Savannah Boat Parade of Lights – Santa arrives by boat instead of by reindeer in Savannah! The first Saturday after Thanksgiving ushers in the Boat Parade of Lights, where decorated boats make their way down the river for bystanders on River Street to enjoy.
  • City Market Holiday Open House – City Market fills with Christmas lights, and you can purchase art and gifts from local vendors.
  • Christmas Market at Plant Riverside – Savannah’s newly developed west end of the river is the spot to be for Christmas festivities. The Marriott Plant Riverside hosts a Christmas market that runs through early January.
  • Coastal Georgia Botanical Gardens Drive Thru – The historic Bamboo Park offers an elaborate holiday light display. (Purchase tickets early. It often sells out!)
  • NYE on River Street: It’s always fun to see fireworks over the river. They look prettiest if you’re staying at the Westin on Hutchinson Island, which faces Savannah’s waterfront.

Can’t-Miss Winter Destinations

There are so many pretty sights to see in Savannah during Christmas! I already mentioned a few above (City Market, River Street), but I want to point out a couple more.

The Cathedral of St. John the Baptist
The Cathedral Basilica of St. John the Baptist is a must-see year-round, but it’s particularly stunning during the holidays.

You’ll find full-sized Christmas trees made from poinsettias, as well as a beautiful and highly detailed nativity scene.

Elaborate church interior decorated with a 20-ft tall Christmas tree made of poinsettias
This cathedral rivals many European cathedrals in its beauty and intricacy. Mass occurs twice daily, so please be respectful of others if you visit to snap photos. | ©ErinClarkson

Broughton Street
Savannah’s most famous shopping street is draped with twinkle lights from one side to the other all season long, and you’ll find wreaths on every lamppost.

The storefronts go all-out with their holiday window displays, and you’ll find the official city Christmas tree at the intersection of Bull and Broughton Streets.

Close-up of a Christmas window-display at Paris Market in Savannah GA
Elegant window display showing a Christmas tree with gold and white decorations
Parisian-themed Christmas window display in a cute shop with green trim around the windows on Broughton Street in Savannah GA
The Paris Market and Brocante changes out their window display seasonally, but Christmas is always one of my favorites! I can’t wait to see what they do this year. | ©ErinClarkson

Forsyth Park and the Squares
The famous fountain gets a holiday makeover with greenery and bows, and many of the squares do, too.

North of Gaston Streets
The streets directly north of Forsyth Park feature some of the most beautiful homes in Savannah, and they’re usually decorated beautifully for the holidays.

The breathtaking Armstrong-Kessler Mansion is a must-see!

Cozy Indoor Spots to Hang Out in Savannah

On the rare days when it’s too cold to spend time outdoors, here are a few cozy indoor places I recommend.

E. Shaver, bookseller
This adorable independent bookstore has been open since 1975 and is home to four sweet cats with literary-themed names.

Imagine curling up with a good book with a cat stretched out in a ray of sunlight right next to you? Perfection.

Bookshelf loaded with Young Adult novels and a stuffed doll peeking out from between books
Looking down a row of bookshelves towards a cozy upholstered chair with a kitten curled up in the seat
Low-angled shot of the floor of E.Shaver booksellers with a colorful rug and a kitten curled up on the floor
What’s cozier than a bookstore where you share your chair with a sleeping kitten? E. Shaver sells lots of books by local authors, too! | ©ErinClarkson

Crystal Beer Parlor
Grab a burger and a few beers at one of the oldest restaurants in Savannah. The walls are lined with local memorabilia, and they fill their plates with delicious, hearty food.

Six Pence Pub
This is about as close as you’ll get to an English pub in Savannah! It even has a bright red phone booth by the entrance.

Six Pence Pub storefront in Savannah Georgia with a magnolia tree growing out of the historic brick sidewalk and a bright red phone booth to the right of the door
The Six Pence Pub is a cozy spot to relax when it’s cold out. It’s also where the cheating scene was filmed in the Julia Roberts movie, Something to Talk About. | ©ErinClarkson

Is Winter the Best Time to Visit Savannah GA?

My final verdict? You might be sensing a trend here, but there’s no terrible time to visit… except summer.

The weeks leading up to Christmas top my list, but late February is also very nice because you can catch the flowers blooming before the pollen is in full force.

Pros: Savannah looks like a scene straight from a Dickens novel during the Christmas season — complete with carolers serenading homes in the Historic District.

From the cathedral to the squares to Broughton Street… it’s all magical.

It helps that the temperatures are fairly mild during the winter months compared to the majority of the country.

Cons: Most home tours and museums close around 6pm, which means there aren’t a ton of activities to keep you busy after dark (and it gets dark around 5:30 during the holiday season… closer to 6:30 in February).

Where to Stay in Savannah for Christmas

I’ve hand-picked each of the options below for their beautiful Christmas decorations and prime locations within the Historic District.

Hamilton-Turner Inn is within steps of Cathedral St. John, so you’ll be able to hear the bells chime as you enjoy coffee in the courtyard.

The Marshall House is located along bustling Broughton Street, so you can cross last-minute Christmas shopping off your list while checking out the beautiful holiday window displays.

Thomas Weihs Haus is located in the quieter southern zone of the Historic District, and the owners of the inn go above and beyond with their beautiful Christmas decorations.

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Savannah Travel Guide Info

If you’re planning to a trip to Savannah, here are a few additional resources I’ve created to help you out.

  • Free Resources Library – When you sign up for my email list, you’ll get a checklist of “50 Things To Do On-Foot in the Historic District (No Car Necessary)” and other helpful printables.
  • Savannah First-Timer’s Guide – My ebook combines my most helpful Savannah travel tips from this website in one handy downloadable guide.

When you purchase my ebook, you also get access to a private Facebook group where you can ask questions about your trip and get advice/see photos from others who have recently visited.

So, what’s the best time to visit Savannah in your opinion? Let me know in the comments below!

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