If you’re looking for the best breakfast places in Savannah, I’ve got you covered with a few top spots that are popular with visitors and locals. Best of all, they’re each located within the Historic District! That means you won’t need a car to get to them.

In a few instances, I’ve recommended alternate options in case these popular spots are too busy. I only did that when there’s a similar restaurant in the same price range with the same style of food that’s also located in the Historic District.

I included a helpful map at the end of the post so you can see how close each restaurant is to your hotel!

Pinnable image of four breakfast plates showing a variety of Southern-style foods with text overlay that reads Best Breakfast in Savannah GA

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My name is Erin, and I authored the Savannah First-Timer’s Guide. It combines all of my top Savannah tips from this website into one handy downloadable guide.

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So, What’s the Best Breakfast in Savannah?

There are plenty of incredible options, but I’m not going to overwhelm you with too many choices.

Since I live here and get to test out restaurants the Historic District whenever I want (I know, I know…lucky me!), I’m only going to list the best of the best.

In fact, I’m only focusing on restaurants located within the actual Landmark Historic District, so these are ones you can easily walk to from your hotel. I know how overwhelming it can be when you visit a new city, so I always try to make things as easy as possible for you!

Insider Tip: Savannah is such a foodies city. My top tip for you when picking a breakfast place in Savannah is to avoid the chains! I always do my best to suggest family-run or locally owned places.

OK, now…let’s get to my favorite breakfast spots in Savannah’s Historic District.

Huey’s on the River

Huey’s on the River | 115 E River Street

This popular spot is located along River Street, and it has a very New Orleans type of vibe.

I’m thoroughly convinced they have the best beignets east of Louisiana! They’re fried perfectly, with a slightly crispy, light brown outer shell, and then dipped in just the right amount (read: way too much) powdered sugar.

I’m drooling just thinking about them! They serve them nice and warm, too, so they practically melt in your mouth.

Wooden table piled high with light and flaky beignets dusted in powdered sugar
An older gentleman in a blue shirt and black ballcap with a World's Greatest Dad pin on his shirt tastes a beignet at Huey's in Savannah
Pop Pop tries Huey’s famous beignets…
A friendly gentleman in a blue shirt and ball cap smiles as he holds a half-eaten beignet in his hand at Huey's in Savannah, GA
…and I think that smile means he’s a fan!

As for their brunch options, they provide very hearty servings and you’ll definitely feel full when you leave. I usually opt for the build-your-own omelette option and then save room for beignets for dessert. They also have a good Crab Cake Benedict!

One of the neatest things about eating at Huey’s is that you’ll have a fantastic view of the river from almost any table, so it’s pretty common to see huge ships coming into port while you eat. It’s an amazing experience, and one I never tire of seeing.

If you aren’t familiar with the views, here are some of my favorite photos of River Street.

Most Known For: Those world-famous beignets! Unless you’re diabetic, don’t leave without trying them!

Clary’s Cafe

Clary’s Cafe | 404 Abercorn Street

This charming old-timey spot is one of the most classic breakfast restaurants in all of Savannah!

It’s been a locals’ favorite for decades, and it gained even more popularity after “Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil” was filmed in the area. Many of the actors ate in the restaurant during filming, so you can see their autographed photos lining the back wall.

The character of Luther Driggers, aka: “that guy with the flies,” regularly stopped in Clary’s as part of his daily routine — and yes, Luther was a real person. His actual name was Laurice Fetzer, but he went by the nickname, “Mo”.

Like many of the well-known locals from “The Book,” he has since passed on. He’s buried in beautiful Bonaventure Cemetery.

I can easily say Clary’s is one of my favorite places in the Historic District to grab a bite to eat! It consistently ranks as one of the top ten restaurants in my Savannah First-Timer’s Guide.

The historic building started out as a pharmacy in the early 1900s, then it served as a soda shop in the 1950s, and now it’s one of Savannah’s most famous Southern diners.

First of all, you can’t beat the location! It’s at the corner of Jones and Abercorn, and Jones Street is widely considered one of the prettiest streets in America.

The cozy family-style restaurant offers indoor and outdoor seating, which means you can take in views of beautiful mansions while you eat.

I love sitting at their outdoor tables when the weather is cool. A little people-watching over breakfast is always fun — especially in quirky Savannah!

A breakfast plate at Savannah's Clary's Cafe showing hearty portions of scrambled eggs, crispy bacon, waffles, a biscuit, and tomato
A young girl with braided pigtails pours syrup over a waffle in Clary's Cafe Savannah
A charming old-timey B&W sign for Clary's Cafe surrounded by trees with fall color
My daughter is so nostalgic for Clary’s now that she’s graduated and moved to NYC that I sent her a framed watercolor print of the restaurant to hang in her living room.

Clary’s is a no-frills kind of place; it’s filled with good people and classic menu items. You definitely won’t leave hungry, since their portion sizes are huge!

Try the the stuffed French toast, Eggs Benedict, waffles, or anything else that suits your fancy. It’s all good, and their sweet tea is some of the best in Savannah!

Most Known For: Their corned beef hash, which is made fresh from scratch daily.

Alternate Options: If Clary’s is too busy, try Debi’s Restaurant or Henry’s Restaurant instead.

The Collins Quarter

The Collins Quarter | 151 Bull Street, Savannah, GA 31401

Collins Quarter is yet another of the top ten restaurants in my Savannah First-Timer’s Guide. I include them year after year, because I just love their restaurant so much.

They serve breakfast, lunch, and dinner, but they’re most known for their Sunday brunch…which is very popular with locals.

The Collins Quarter has two locations. Their original one is located on Bull Street and the newer one is in the center of Forsyth Park.

Each location has a slightly different menu. I’m slightly partial to the original, because they serve my favorite breakfast — the Avocado Smash — at that location.

Two slices of crispy bacon, a pinkish beet spread smeared across a dark plate, and avocado toast with an egg and beet topping at The Collins Quarter in Savannah
White shelves full of bar supplies with a girl reflected i the mirror at The Collins Quarter in Savannah
The avocado smash might be the best breakfast in Savannah, with bacon, beet spread, and toast covered in avocado, eggs, beets, and tomato
Interior of The Collins Quarter restaurant in Savannah with exposed brick walls, red leather seating, and a raw-edged wood bartop
Close up of a pink plate with two pieces of french toast covered in various colorful berries and sweet cream, with a side of bacon at The Collins Quarter in Savannah
The top photo is the Avocado Smash, the middle shots are at the original location, and this bottom one is of the Raspberry French Toast with a side of perfectly crispy bacon.

Most Known For: The Avocado Smash (Bull Street location) and the Raspberry French Toast (Forsyth Park location)

Little Duck Diner

Little Duck Diner | 150 West Saint Julian Street, Savannah, GA 31401

The Little Duck Diner is my second “breakfast all day” pick. It’s such a cute restaurant! If you’re visiting Savannah for the ‘gram, I’d say this is the most Instagrammable option on the list.

The setting is very vintage/retro with touches of brass and lots of B&W tile throughout. They also have a cute duck theme going on.

You’ll spot dashing little ducks throughout the restaurant, including a brass one in the tile right as you walk through the front door. They also have cute rubber duckies as window decor and add them to the alcoholic drinks as a decorative touch.

Perfectly crisp, lightly fried chicken legs next to a blueberry waffle on a dark plate background
Little Duck Diner's retro vintage-style bar area with B&W tiles and gold trimmed details
Isn’t it pretty? That bar area makes a perfect spot for solo travelers to grab a bite to eat.
Gold circular sign with a white duck wearing a dapper hat and the words Little Duck Diner written in white
It’s easy to miss on a small side street, but just look for this round sign with the dapper duck.

I don’t think you can go wrong at Little Duck Diner, since everything on the menu is good.

They have Chicken ‘n Waffles, French toast, pancakes, and plenty of egg options, so they have something for even the pickiest of eaters. They serve mimosas, too.

Most Known For: They’re most known for their lunch items, which include numerous gourmet grilled cheese options that pair well with their award-winning tomato soup. The Risotto Balls are also wildly popular!

B Matthew’s Eatery

B Matthews Eatery | 325 E Bay Street, Savannah, GA 31401

If you’re looking for a great breakfast spot with a little something for everyone, look no further than B. Matthew’s Eatery.

They offer Southern staples like fried green tomatoes, biscuits and gravy, and shrimp and grits, but they also have some really tasty veggie-only options for the more health conscious.

Sign on the window of B Matthew's Eatery, one of the best breakfast in Savannah spots
White bowl with shrimp and sausage piled atop a helping of buttery grits

Most Known For: Try the Chicken n’ Biscuits or the popular Fried Green Tomato & Crab Cake Benny (which features their hand-breaded blue crab cakes).

Alternate Option: If B. Matthew’s is too busy, try J. Christopher’s instead.

Café M

Café M | 128 E Bay Street, Savannah, GA 31401

A Parisian cafe right here in Savannah? Yes, please! Café M has such a charming vibe.

It’s located on the back side of River Street along a really unique area known as Factors Walk. They offer indoor and outdoor seating options.

This is one of my favorite places to go when I want a breakfast that’s a little on the lighter side. They excel in French pastries, such as baguettes and croissants, but they also make really fluffy eggs.

White plate with two flaky, buttery light brown croissants and a white coffee cup in the background
Two hearty slices of quiche next to a colorful salad on a plate in the foreground, with a bowl of granola in the background alongside a full glass of orange juice
Sunlight streaming through a window causing a silhouetted shadow of the Café M sign in Savannah
Wicker chairs and a beautiful mint green colored dresser with teas on the top at Cafe M in Savannah

Most dishes come with a side of fresh, seasonal fruits. I’m not a coffee fanatic, but my daughter gives their PERC coffee — a locally-owned roaster — two thumbs up. They also serve mimosas!

Most Known For: Signature Scrambled Eggs and the Chocolate Croissant

Alternate Option: If Café M is too busy, try Goose Feather’s Café & Bakery.

Dottie’s Market

Dottie’s Market | 207 W Broughton St., Savannah, GA 31401

This is a newer restaurant to the Savannah breakfast scene, but it’s a good one to visit if you love a warm, cozy atmosphere and want to try some of the best bacon to ever hit your tastebuds.

If you’re on the run, they have an excellent selection of grab-and-go options that range from blueberry muffins to scones to fresh-squeezed OJ. They even have portable French toast!

I prefer dining in, because I love the sense of nostalgia I get when I visit. The food is served on china like my Nana always used, the tables have vases filled with fresh flowers, and many of the chairs featured embroidered seats with pretty floral designs.

I have to show a photo of the bacon, though, since it’s so delicious. It’s a thick-sliced maple bacon, and it’s the perfect sweet and salty combo. I’ve had it three times now, and it’s only gotten better each time!

Close-up of a breakfast plate at Dottie's Market with two very thick slices of perfectly-cooked bacon in the foreground, and scrambled eggs, a cooked tomato, cornbread, hash browns, and greens slightly blurred in the background

As you might deduct from the name, Dottie’s Market actually includes a bodega-style marketplace. They sell candles, fresh flowers, a variety of Southern cookbooks, baskets from Gullah makers, totes, and logo’d Dottie’s sweatshirts (in case you like the food so much you decide to become a walking billboard).

Most Known For: The Breakfast Blueplate

Double Wide Diner

Double Wide Diner | 135a W Bay Street

This casual restaurant is the newest addition the popular Treylor Park family. Their dishes are always creative, and the vibe is super casual and fun.

Double Wide is an ideal spot for those of you who, like me, prefer to sleep in and have breakfast a little later in the morning. They serve breakfast all day!

One of my closest friends was recently in town for a visit and tried the “Lowcountry”. It includes shrimp, corn, sausage, crab meat, diced red peppers, onion, lots of butter, and too many other yummy things to list. It’s all served over scrambled eggs and a waffle fry hash. He loved it.

The Lowcountry breakfast skillet at Treylor Park's Double Wide restaurant in Savannah
The “Lowcountry” skillet at Double Wide is loaded with savory Southern flavors.

I’m a big fan of their chicken pancakes, which can best be described as taco shells made from pancakes with chicken and strawberries stuffed inside and a delicious aioli sauce drizzled atop.

Most Known For: Their unique food combinations; it’s clear the chefs definitely aren’t afraid to take risks. Treylor Park’s owners have even described their menu as “elevated drunk food” and a “nicer Waffle House”. Ha!

Map of the Best Savannah Breakfast Restaurants

As promised, I created a helpful map so you can see where these restaurants are located in relation to your hotel. You can also download the interactive map to save to your phone.

A watercolor map showing the best breakfast in Savannah with each location denoted by a blue circle with a star in the center
Access the Google map here. It includes each of the best breakfast in Savannah locations listed above, plus a few bonus options!

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