If you were to ask visitors — or locals — to name the prettiest street in Savannah, they’d probably quickly respond with “Jones Street.” It’s easily in my top five, and I’m about to show you a few of the reasons why it’s so special!

Pinnable image showing two Savannah homes on Jones Street with text overlay that reads Is Jones Street the Prettiest Street in Savannah?

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Where is Jones Street in Savannah?

Let’s get the logistics out of the way first. Jones Street is located deep within the heart of Savannah’s Historic District and is just a few blocks north of Forsyth Park.

If you’re staying anywhere within the Historic District, it’s easy enough to walk to Jones Street. (The Historic District is surprisingly small and walkable!)

For anyone with mobility issues, I suggest taking a pedicab at a suggested cost of $1 per block.

If you’re driving, you can park for FREE on any of the blocks surrounding Forsyth Park south of Gaston Street, and then take a scenic 3-block stroll from the north end of the park.

Insider Tip: Metered parking directly on Jones Street is free after 5 pm. Here are more tips regarding parking in Savannah.

OK, so what makes Jones Street one of the most beautiful streets in America? See for yourself…

Wide Brick-Paved Streets and Sidewalks

Did you know that many of the beautiful streets in Savannah are paved with vitrified brick? And did you know that the majority of those beautiful brick-lined streets have been covered over with asphalt? Such a travesty.

But not so on beautiful Jones Street!

Jones Street, the prettiest street in America, with a wide expanse of brick pavers in the foreground and large homes and mature oaks in the background.
Reason #1 why Jones Street is so beautiful: its brick-paved streets.

The entire western half of Jones Street is still paved with its beautiful, original red vitrified bricks, from the Drayton Street block all the way to Tattnall Street. It’s so pretty!

The majority of the eastern half is paved with asphalt blocks, which are gray and not quite as picturesque — but still pretty.

I can confirm that both make for some very bumpy bike rides.

Historic homes with gas lanterns and a beautiful old brick sidewalk along Jones Street, one of the prettiest streets in Savannah GA
The streets aren’t the only thing on Jones Street made from historic bricks — check out that beautiful sidewalk! | ©ErinClarkson

The sidewalks are also really wide on Jones Street, and many sections are designed with historic bricks just like the street. That’s one of many reasons it’s a great area for strolling!

Historic Houses on Jones Street

There are lots of beautiful historic homes on Jones Street. They practically line the entire street!

It really hasn’t changed much in appearance over the past 150 years. The trees have grown bigger and there have been minor additions like parking meters, but otherwise…Jones Street still very much resembles photos from the old days.

Facade of a historic brick home on Jones Street in Savannah with a bright red door and gas lanterns
Like many Jones Street properties, the John Scudder house was completed in the mid-1850s. It was constructed primarily by enslaved individuals.
Stately brick mansion with wrought iron balconies and large windows framed by black shutters
Just look at the beautiful wrought iron surrounding the entrance to the Minis house! | ©ErinClarkson
Side-by-side comparison of William Remshart row homes on Jones Street in Savannah from 1933 and 2021
Here’s a side-by-side comparison of the William Remshart Row Homes on the 100 block of W Jones from 1933 and 2021. (Left image ©LibraryOfCongress) | ©ErinClarkson

The oldest homes are typically found closer to the center dividing line of Bull Street, while slightly newer homes are located along the eastern end of the street.

The 100 and 200 blocks (east and west) are good places to look for older homes, while the 400 and 500 blocks of East Jones offer a mix of old along with newer properties.

Front porch view of a modest pale green home on Jones Street surrounded by lush greenery
Homes with small porches and pretty landscaping on the far east end of Jones Street in Savannah GA
As you move towards the 500 block of E Jones Street, the homes are usually smaller and have tiny garden-level front porches. | ©ErinClarkson

I’ve written an entire post about some of the most historic homes on Jones Street, so be sure to check that out if you want to see more photos.

Patriotism on Display

Another reason to love Jones Street is because it gives off such an all-American vibe. The homeowners are very patriotic and frequently have flags on display.

Picturesque sidewalk scene of Jones Street, the prettiest street in Savannah, with brick sidewalks, magnolia trees, and stately homes
Jones Street sidewalk view of a row of homes each with an American flag hanging from the porch
Yet another reason Jones Street is the prettiest street in Savannah? Patriotism on full display! | ©ErinClarkson

See what I mean? Flags everywhere. The 100 block of E Jones Street is where you’ll spot the highest concentration of flags all lined up in a row.

Unique Street Signage

I always tell visitors that the best way to explore Jones Street is on foot, since that’s how you’ll notice all the small details that make it so unique.

Amongst those fun details are the street signs, like this one at the corner of Barnard and Jones…

Concrete sign with the word Jones Street stamped into the side
You’ll find concrete signs like this one in the southern portion of the Historic District. | ©ErinClarkson

There’s another unique sign at the intersection of Jones and Lincoln. I’m guessing the homeowners had it custom-made at some point in time, since it’s the only one like it I’ve ever noticed in Savannah.

Nighttime scene at the corner of Jones and Lincoln streets in Savannah showing two elaborate gas lantern attached to a historic brick home
Silhouette of a metal street sign on Jones Street in Savannah Georgia.
Metal street sign with gas lamplights attached to the corner of a home
Home with a unique metal sign connecting two lamps that wrap around the corner of the home
The sign looks pretty silhouetted against the sky, but it’s a little difficult to read the street names against the brick facade. | ©ErinClarkson

You just don’t spot details like this when you’re driving! This is also why it’s important to look up, down, and all around when you’re out strolling. You’ll find interesting details everywhere.

Secret (and not-so-secret) Gardens

The landscaping along Jones Street is absolutely gorgeous! Confederate Jasmine and similar vines cling to anything and everything, and all the greenery makes for some rather picturesque scenes.

An old-timey lamp post with green climbing vines covering it
Peachy-pink wall with a green vine creeping along the edge

While there’s not much room for gardening, many homeowners make the most of their tree lawns. That’s the official name for the tiny green space between the sidewalk and the road.

Container plants and climbing Confederate Jasmine surround the entry to a home on Jones Street
When the jasmine is blooming in the springtime, it smells heavenly to stroll past this house! | ©ErinClarkson
Neatly landscaped green space on Jones Street in Savannah
These homeowners added lots of greenery to the tree lawn to create a bit of privacy from passersby on the street. | ©ErinClarkson

Container plants are another a popular way to add color to a front entry. Since most homes are built all the way to the edge of the sidewalk, a container is often the only way to add greenery by the front door.

Side view of multiple homes on Jones Street with 2nd level entrances and lots of container gardens around the stairs
These homeowners made the most of their sidewalk by creating a welcoming container garden.
Stairs covered in bright green moss with an American flag hanging over the doorway
If you can’t find the space to grow a garden, you can always turn your stairs into a garden of sorts!

You might also occasionally spot a window box or two, but they aren’t nearly as widespread as what you’d find in places like Charleston.

Rainy day scene of a historic brick home on Jones Street with black shutters and greenery hanging from the window boxes
This is the John Scudder House at 11 E Jones.
Window frame surrounded by elaborate greenery dropping from the window box above
Now that’s one healthy window box plant!

Finally, it’s a real treat when you catch a glimpse into someone’s secret garden along Jones Street. The landscaping is always incredible, and you’ll usually find pretty fountains, sculptures, and water features.

A statue of UGA the bulldog, the Georgia mascot, guards the entry to a garden on Jones Street
It’s very common to find statues of the University of Georgia‘s mascot, UGA the bulldog, guarding the entrance to gardens and homes around Savannah. | ©ErinClarkson
An open gate leading to a private garden on Jones Street
This courtyard on Jones Street looks like such a welcoming spot to relax and catch up with the neighbors over a glass of sweet tea! | ©ErinClarkson

Gorgeous Sunsets

Photography is a major hobby of mine, so you can often find me out “chasing light.” If you enjoy doing the same, Jones Street is a good place to do it.

View down the sidewalk of Jones Street with a warm sunset glowing through the trees and illuminating a historic home
You can catch some pretty sunsets streaming through the trees on Jones Street. | ©ErinClarkson

Jones Street is an east/west street, so the sun sets at the Tattnall end and casts long shadows down the street and sidewalks.

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Beautiful Southern Live Oaks

It seems I can’t write a post about the beauty of Savannah without mentioning the trees, but they’re probably my favorite thing about the Lowcountry.

Jones Street is lined with plenty of beautiful Southern live oaks — many of them dripping in the long strands of Spanish moss that grow so abundantly around here.

Beautiful historic homes on Jones Street with a giant tree in the foreground and neatly trimmed jasmine covering the ground around it
How gorgeous are the Victorian details on those porches? The old oaks add to the history of the street and make you feel as if you’re stepping back in time. | ©ErinClarkson
A massive Southern live oak overshadowing a house and the entire corner of a block on Jones Street in Savannah
The trees are so massive that they’re difficult to photograph! That’s a 3-story house and that Southern live oak easily overshadows the entire thing. | ©ErinClarkson

Shoutout to the City of Savannah’s Greenscapes Division for always keeping the trees trimmed so beautifully. Trust me when I say the trees in Savannah are gorgeous!

Are you beginning to see why Jones Street is one of the prettiest streets in Savannah? Wait ’til you see it when the azaleas are blooming…

Azaleas in the Springtime

It’s fairly common knowledge that springtime is one of the best times to visit Savannah, and that’s largely due to all the azaleas that bloom around the city. You’ll find plenty of them in front of the historic homes along Jones Street!

Historic brick home facade on Jones Street with hot pink azaleas blooming in the foreground
207 W Jones Street: Those old lintels above the doors and windows are fantastic!
Row after row of colorful pink azaleas in front of stately homes on Jones Street in Savannah GA
The azaleas usually reach their peak in early to mid-March.

One minor detail people often don’t notice about Jones Street is that none of the city’s famous squares are connected to it.

If you want to wander through the squares, you’ll have to head one block north to Charlton Street or one block south to Taylor Street. I highly recommend doing just that when the azaleas are in bloom. Be sure to stroll through Forsyth Park, too!

Restaurants on Jones Street

If you work up an appetite from strolling around, here are three classic Savannah restaurants I recommend trying…

  • Clary’s Cafe is a great spot for breakfast. It’s one of my top 10 favorite restaurants in my Savannah First-Timer’s Guide!
  • Mrs. Wilkes Dining Room is where you’ll find one of the heartiest lunches in the entire city. The Southern-style dishes are served round-table style. Basically, imagine sitting at your grandmother’s table for a hearty Sunday meal after church… only with strangers.
  • Crystal Beer Parlor makes a classic spot to enjoy dinner. The walls are lined with local memorabilia, and it has a very relaxed vibe. I love their “Gawgia” Peach Cobbler for dessert!

If you prefer a tour, here are the top three that I recommend:

Food tours are a great way to enjoy an easy stroll through the beautiful Historic District, meet fellow foodies, and sample some of the best dishes from a variety of restaurants. You can’t go wrong with any of the options listed above!

Where to Stay on Jones Street

The Eliza Thompson House is a historic B&B located directly on Jones Street. The rates are reasonable, the home is beautiful, and their service is top-notch!

If you want to truly experience Savannah the way it’s meant to be seen, I always recommend staying in a historic home. They don’t come much more historic than the Eliza Thompson House. It was the first home built on Jones Street!

Old stairs covered in bright green moss
A colorful old statue of a firefighter peers over the front porch railing of a house on Jones Street, standing guard next to a cheery yellow door

Savannah Travel Guide

If you’re ready to start planning a trip to Savannah, here are additional resources to help you out…

  • Savannah Vacation Guide – If you don’t know anything about Savannah, I suggest beginning with this “quick start” overview of the city.
  • Savannah First-Timer’s Guide – Be sure to purchase my ebook to get all of my best insider tips in one place. It’s the only resource you’ll need when planning your trip to Savannah!

If you have any questions for me about Jones Street or any of the other prettiest streets in Savannah, let me know in the comments below.

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Pinnable image showing a mossy staircase with text overlay that reads Is Jones Street the Prettiest Street in Savannah?
Pinnable image of historic home with text overlay that reads Is Jones Street the Prettiest Street in Savannah?
Pinnable image of historic home with text overlay that reads Is Jones Street the Prettiest Street in Savannah?

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