I’m a bit of a statistics nerd, so I decided to create a Savannah crime map to keep track of the shootings and homicides that occur in the city. The Savannah Police Department usually lags a few weeks behind in their reporting, but since I frequently help readers find safe accommodations, I need current statistics. I finally just created a map of my own!

Savannah Crime Map 2021

I don’t keep track of every crime that occurs in the city. Ain’t nobody got time for that. If I had to note every time shots rang out in Savannah, I’d be glued to my laptop.

However, I do think it’s helpful for visitors to be aware of current statistics when visiting any urban area — not just Savannah. Please be an informed traveler! Here are the current results for crime in Savannah in 2021

Click on any icon to pull up additional information and links to news reports about each incident. View directly on Google maps here.

What’s Included on the Map

As I mentioned above, I don’t keep track of every outstanding call for “shots fired”. While writing this post, I heard four gunshots in less than an hour’s worth of time — and those were just the ones within earshot. (It’s been a busy night, even by Savannah standards!)

I only track incidents where a person was either injured or killed. So, my crime map includes homicides, stabbings, and gunshots WITH injuries. I also included a section on suspicious deaths.

Click on any icon on the map to pull up additional details, links to pertinent news articles, and follow-up reports. You may need to zoom in, since some of the incidents overlap.

Murders in Savannah in 2021

Rest in peace to the following individuals who lost their lives in Savannah this year…

  • Corey Vance, 26: Shooting | North Side (Historic District/City Market) | 01.01.21
  • Reginald Black, 51: Stabbing | East Side | 01.08.21
  • Ky Harmon, 26: Shooting | West Side | 01.17.21
  • Jerel Arkeem Richards, 28: Shooting | Southside (Georgetown) | 02.05.21
  • Freddie Wallace (aka: Fredo Cash), 24: Shooting | Southside | 02.13.21
  • Marcos Miranda, Jr., 22: Shooting | West Side | 02.17.21
  • Sheldon Lovett, 51: Shooting | Southside | 03.02.21
  • Joseph Wilder, 30: Shooting | Southside | 03.11.21
  • Tamia Green, 21: Shooting | West Side | 03.22.21
  • Leron Pace, 29: Shooting | Southside | 03.22.21

In the majority of the homicides listed above, the individuals had an issue with one another and opted to solve their problems with a weapon. That means the incidents weren’t random.

Safest Areas to Stay in Savannah

If you’re traveling to Savannah, I recommend staying within the boundaries of Historic District. Those boundaries are as follows:

  • North: River Street/the Savannah River
  • East: E Broad Street
  • South: Gwinnett Street
  • West: Martin Luther King, Jr. Boulevard

The center east/west dividing line is Bull Street. It’s generally better to be closer to Bull Street than towards the eastern and western outskirts of the Historic District.

Overall, the Historic District is well-patrolled by the Savannah Police Department. Just remember, crime can occur anywhere, so the crime map is simply a tool to show current trends.

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Additional Resources

If you’re still concerned about crime and safety, I included a chapter in my Savannah First-Timer’s Guide ebook dedicated to areas first-time visitors should avoid.

Make sure to bookmark this Savannah crime map if you want current statistics! I’ll update it as events make the news and promise to do my best to keep you informed.

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If you have any questions about this Savannah crime map, let me know in the comments below.