I’m a bit of a statistics nerd, so I decided to create a Savannah crime map to keep track of the shootings and homicides that occur in the city.

The Savannah Police Department usually lags a few weeks behind in their reporting, but since I frequently help readers find safe accommodations, I need current statistics.

I finally just created a map of my own.

Savannah crime map 2021 with yellow "Police Line Do Not Cross" tape and blurred red and blue police lights in the background

Previous maps have been archived here:
📍2022 Savannah Crime Map
📍2021 Savannah Crime Map

Savannah Crime Map 2023

Please note that I don’t keep track of every crime that occurs in the city; I only track incidents that result in death or injury.

In a few rare exceptions, I may also list drive-by shootings where multiple homes were damaged but no injuries occurred.

Why track crime statistics?

Because I think it’s helpful for you to be aware of current crime trends when you’re visiting a new city. (That includes any urban area — not just Savannah.)

Please do your research so you can stay safe and avoid crime hot spots while traveling.

Here are the current results for crime in Savannah in 2023

Click on any icon to pull up additional information and links to news reports about each incident. Use the + or – signs in the bottom left-hand corner to zoom in and out on the map.

What’s Included on the Crime Map

As I mentioned above, I don’t keep track of every outstanding call for “shots fired”.

I only track incidents where a person was either injured or killed. That means this crime map includes homicides, plus gunshots and stabbings that resulted in injuries.

Click on any icon on the map to pull up additional details, links to pertinent news articles, and follow-up reports.

You may need to zoom in, since some of the incidents overlap.

Murders in Savannah in 2023

Rest in peace to the following individuals who lost their lives in Savannah in 2023:

  • Nazentea Phillips, 18: Shooting | East Side | incident date 03.05.23 | date of passing 03.08.23
  • Jamie Burton, 25: Shooting | West Side | 06.10.23
  • Rion Plummer, 20: Shooting | North Side | 06.18.23
  • Tyrone Kinlaw, 24: Shooting | East Side | 06.22.23
  • Devin Smith, 24: Shooting | West Side | 07.03.23
  • Devon Doyle, Jr., 15: Shooting | Southside | incident date 07.17.23 | date of passing 07.20.23
  • Jaylan Martin, 24: Shooting | East Side | 07.22.23
  • LaVonta Mayes, 25: Shooting | Southside | 07.24.23
  • Sylvasha P. Lester, 30: Shooting | West Side | 08.06.23
  • Wesley Tyre Jolly, 26: Shooting | West Side | 08.13.23
  • Madrell Reynolds, Jr., 19: Shooting | Southside | 08.21.23
  • Jose Ramirez-Vallejo, 38: Shooting | West Side | 09.04.23
  • Name pending release: Shooting | West Side | 09.07.23
  • Terrell Harris, 17: Shooting | North Side | 09.29.23
  • Antoinette Kitchen-Dobbins, 52: Shooting | Southside | 10.02.23
  • Michael Hoang, 20: Shooting | East Side | 10.16.23
  • Ryane Swims, Jr., 33: Shooting | North Side | 10.22.23
  • Philip Mock, 48: Shooting | East Side | 10.27.23
  • Shaliyah Collins, 19: Shooting | East Side | 10.27.23
  • Name pending release: Shooting | North Side | 11.07.23
  • Name pending release: Shooting | North Side | 11.26.23
  • Name pending release: Shooting | West Side | 11.27.23

Officer-Involved Shootings in Savannah in 2023

As of November 2023, no officer-involved shootings have been reported in Savannah.

Sections of Savannah

For clarification, here’s a very general guide to help differentiate the basic sides of Savannah:

  • West Side: West of Bull Street
  • East Side: East of Bull Street
  • Southside: South of DeRenne
  • North Side: North of Gwinnett

Sometimes you’ll hear Midtown referenced. That’s the Ardsley Park/Baldwin Park area near Victory Drive and Atlantic.

Safest Areas to Stay in Savannah

If you’re traveling to Savannah for the first time, I recommend staying within the boundaries of Landmark Historic District. Those boundaries are as follows:

  • North: River Street/the Savannah River
  • East: E Broad Street
  • South: Gwinnett Street
  • West: Martin Luther King, Jr. Boulevard

The center east/west dividing line is Bull Street. It’s generally better to be closer to Bull Street than towards the eastern and western outskirts of the Historic District.

The Historic District has the highest concentration of restaurants, bars, and attractions, so it just makes the most sense to stay there during your initial visit to Savannah!

Here are 5 of the best Savannah Historic District hotels to get you started in your search.

Just remember, crime can occur anywhere. This crime map is simply a tool to show current trends so you can be an informed traveler.

Crime Map Donations

100% of the ad revenue from this crime map is donated to local organizations with youth-oriented initiatives or to nonprofits helping underserved communities.

Here is the donation schedule for the remainder of 2023:

2023 Contributions (to date through the end of November): $2361.63

Make a Difference: If you would like to volunteer your time or donate to local programs that are helping to keep Savannah’s children off the streets and engaged in positive activities, Loop It Up Savannah and West Broad Street YMCA are two excellent places to start.

Additional Resources

If you’re still concerned about crime and safety, I included a chapter in my Savannah First-Timer’s Guide ebook dedicated to areas first-time visitors should avoid.

I also created a Savannah vacation “quick start” guide if you’re considering a trip but aren’t ready to purchase the ebook just yet.

These posts may also help with your trip-planning:

Make sure to bookmark this Savannah crime map if you want current statistics. I update it as events make the news, and I promise to do my best to keep you informed.

If you have any questions about the 2023 Savannah crime map, let me know in the comments below.

NOTE: Many of the comments below pertain to previous crime maps. You can find those here: 2022 Savannah Crime Map | 2021 Savannah Crime Map | 2020 Savannah Crime Map

*SPD tracks a much higher number of statistics. They track violent and non-violent crimes, which means they also list car break-ins, auto thefts, bicycle thefts, shoplifting, and more. You can find their statistics on the Savannah Police Department website under the “Weekly Reports” section of the Crime tab. You can also check the Lexis Nexis Community Crime Map, but please note that many of those incidents are not posted in the exact location where they occurred; they sometimes shift the location by many blocks for privacy reasons.

**100% of the ad revenue generated from this page is donated to local charities with youth-oriented initiatives.