Savannah Safety Tips in 2023

A lane in Savannah with trash cans pushed against garage doors and a bright spotlight illuminating the area. In the distance, the shadow figure of a man walking past the alley is visible

Y’all … Savannah, Georgia is such a pretty city! In fact, you might say it’s deceptively pretty. Sometimes visitors get so caught up in the charm of it all that they feel like they’ve landed in a storybook setting where nothing bad ever happens. Sorry friends, but I’m here to snap you back to reality! […]

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Spring in Savannah: A Photo Essay

A spring in Savannah scene of a brick walkway surrounded by azalea bushes overflowing with pale pink and hot pink blooms

Spring in Savannah is one of the most popular times of year to visit, and it only takes one look at the photos to understand why! Between the azaleas, climbing roses, jasmine, magnolias, and agapanthus, Savannah is bursting with color all season long. You might also be interested in:🌳 The Best Time to Visit Savannah […]

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Savannah Crime Map 2022

Savannah crime map 2022 with yellow police tape and blurred red and blue police lights visible in the background

Please look below to find the archived Savannah crime map and statistics for 2022. If you’re searching for current information, you can find that at this link: Savannah Crime Map Additional crime maps have been archived here:📍2021 Savannah Crime Map📍2020 Savannah Crime Map Savannah Crime Map 2022 Please remember this map only tracked homicides, suspicious […]

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