Victorian District Savannah: The Inside Scoop

An elaborately trimmed front porch in Savannah's Victorian District is painted pink, green, and burgundy with white trim. A bright yellow and blue Victorian-style home is visible next door

If you’re looking for a taste of old-school Savannah, the Victorian District makes a great place to start. The houses in this area date back to the late 1800s and early 1900s, and many have been lovingly restored back to their original glory. Since it’s a popular spot for visitors to explore, I’m going to […]

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Parking in Savannah: Everything You Need to Know

The side of a black metal parking kiosk with a green, white, and purple ParkSavannah logo and a blue parking in Savannah sticker

Parking in Savannah can be more than a little nerve-racking if you aren’t familiar with the city. No need to worry, though! I’m here to give you my favorite tips for finding the easiest and cheapest parking in the Historic District (and beyond). We’ll also cover the location of city parking garages, discuss the city’s […]

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City Market Savannah: What to See & What to Skip!

A couple strolls past an old-timey oversized black clock with lettering for "City Market" above the clock face

City Market is an open-air market in Savannah filled with restaurants, art galleries, bars, and shops. It even has a unique museum that houses a Zagat-rated speakeasy! The area is very active day and night, and it’s a popular spot for first-time visitors to the city. As I tend to do on this site, I’m […]

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Savannah Weather by Month

Purple flowers in the foreground of Madison Square in Savannah with a statue in the backround

I keep getting weather questions in my Savannah Facebook group, so I figured it was about time to do a “Savannah weather by month” rundown. Anytime I’m asked a question multiple times, I know I need to write a post about the topic! That’s how my “Best Time of Year to Visit Savannah” post came […]

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Plant Riverside District: What’s REALLY Worth Seeing?

Plant Riverside District sign on the side of a white building that has a rooftop bar and two smokestacks on the roof

If you’ve done any research about Savannah, you’ve probably heard about the new Plant Riverside District. It’s the city’s current hotspot, so it’s getting plenty of press. But is it really worth visiting? There’s a lot to cover in the area, from the JW Marriott Plant Riverside hotel to District Live to the many shops, […]

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Savannah Weather in March (Includes Photos!)

Vibrant pink azalea blossoms line a street in Savannah with two historic homes in the background

Want to find out what to expect from Savannah weather in March? You’re in the right place! It’s one of the best times of year to visit Savannah, especially once all the beautiful azaleas start to bloom. Find out the average highs and lows, what type of flowers you’ll see during your visit, and what […]

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