If you’re trying to find the best ghost tours in Savannah but are having a hard time making a decision because there are just too many options — I hear ya!

That analysis paralysis sets in quickly once you see how fun they all look.

I can help, though!

My friends and family always want to go on ghost tours when they visit, so that means I’ve had a lot of experience seeing which ones are best.

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If you’re new around here, first of all… allow me to extend a warm welcome!

My name is Erin, and I authored the Savannah First-Timer’s Guide. I live downtown and love exploring the city after dark.

BW image of Colonial Park Cemetery, where many ghost tours in Savannah are held

You’ll find sections below for trolley tours, hearse tours, walking tours, and pub crawls, as well as a list of adults-only tours and kid-friendly options.

If you already know which type of tour you want to do, feel free to use this handy table of contents to quickly skip to that section.


Walking Ghost Tours | Haunted Pub Crawls | Hearse Tours | Haunted Trolley Tours | Paranormal Tours | Haunted House Tours | True Crime Tours | Age 18+ Ghost Tours | Family-Friendly Ghost Tours

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Savannah Walking Ghost Tours

If you’re on the hunt for the scariest ghost tours in Savannah, the nighttime walking tours are by far the best option.

There’s simply no comparison for being on foot to experience the Historic District’s most haunted locations. It will truly give you the heebie-jeebies!

Here’s the thing…

When you’re on foot you can get up close and personal with the spirits of the night — much more so than when you’re riding around in a hearse or trolley with loudspeakers blaring.

If I learned anything from watching Scooby Doo as a child, it’s that you have to be quiet to sneak up on ghosts. Zoinks!

Best Walking Ghost Tours in Savannah GA

NOTE: I always promote smaller, locally owned businesses on my site and avoid recommending corporations that run cookie-cutter tours in multiple states.

The Dark History Tour is nice because they include earbuds so you can hear the guide. That means you won’t miss out on the ghost stories even when the streets are noisy. (Or, if you’re like me, you won’t miss any details even if you wander off to take photos!) This tour is a reader favorite.

History & Haunts Tour is led by a guide dressed in historic attire who carries an old lantern around. I appreciate that this company doesn’t tell tall tales, and the guides are respectful of local homeowners’ properties. Plus, it’s just fun to explore the city by candlelight! This is also reader favorite.

The Ghostwalker Tour is an excellent option if you’re trying to avoid alcohol, since it isn’t allowed during their tours! They also cap the tour at 15 attendees, so it’s a better experience if you truly want to ask questions and learn Savannah’s haunted history.

I appreciate the Sixth Sense Tour because it’s a female-owned business that shakes things up a bit. They visit the Espy House and talk about the old Candler tunnels, so it’s different from the cookie-cutter stories you hear on many other tours.

Pros of a Nighttime Walking Ghost Tour

  • Walking tours are so much more interactive than the other types of tours. When you’re on foot, it’s easier to see the intricate details of Savannah’s cemeteries and historic homes.
  • The guides spill more details during the walking tours! If you’re the type of person who really gets into the stories, you can stroll right next to the guide and ask as many questions as you want.
  • The Spanish moss that looks so pretty during the day casts ominous shadows over the Historic District at night. Sometimes it brushes your shoulder and is extra startling.
  • The dimly lit cobblestone streets majorly add to the spook factor.
  • You’ll burn more calories during a walking tour.
  • Walking tours are much better for the environment.
A spooky backlit headstone in Colonial Park Cemetery, surrounded by wooden stakes
A man dressed in period attire and holding a lantern stands silhouetted against the backdrop of Colonial Park Cemetery
A path in Forsyth Park, dimly lit by gas lanterns. The park is considered one of the most haunted places in Savannah Georgia

Cons of a Savannah Walking Ghost Tour

Of course, the walking tours have their downsides, too.

  • The max number of guests allowed per tour is 30, but I’ve seen larger groups than that wandering around. When the groups are too big, it’s difficult to hear your guide.
  • The pace can also be slow, since the group has to move at the speed of the slowest person.
  • Finally, since much of Savannah’s Historic District is an open-container zone, sometimes you’ll get people who are drinking on the tour, and they can get obnoxious and ruin things for everyone else.

Fortunately, the majority of the heavy drinkers tend to stick to the pub crawls, which I’ve separated into their own category further below.

VERDICT: If you’re physically able, the walking tours are the way to go! They’re the spookiest option, and they’re much better for the environment than the alternatives.

Savannah Haunted Pub Crawls

It doesn’t get much more “Savannah” than chasing spirits while you’re sipping on spirits!

During a pub crawl, you’ll visit three to five bars during a two-hour time period, and you’ll be able to order a drink at each spot.

Make note that the haunted pub crawls are limited to participants who are 21+.

Savannah Pub Crawl Ghost Tours

The most popular option amongst the members in my private FB group is Spooky Savannah Haunted Pub Crawl & Walking Tour. It was also recently voted the top haunted pub tour in Savannah!

Spooky Steve is a total hoot, and he’ll keep you laughing while filling you in on all the local lore.

Pros of a Savannah Haunted Pub Crawl

  • Pub crawls are an excellent way to meet people in a new city.
  • They’re also a nice way to experience a few popular bars to decide which ones you like best.
  • If you’re concerned about safety, it’s nice to have a guide that will make sure you aren’t harassed, roofied, or in any similar type of danger.
  • The crawls are fun for the ever-popular bachelor and bachelorette parties that always seem to be happening in Savannah. They’re also ideal for solo travelers.
  • Thanks to the city’s generous open container policy, if you aren’t finished with your drink when it’s time to leave, you can take your alcohol to go (aka: “take a traveler”).

Cons of the Haunted Pub Crawls

  • It’s up to each individual guide to maintain crowd control.
  • Guests who don’t know their limits can ruin the fun for everyone.
  • The cost of alcohol is typically NOT included in the purchase of your ticket. (An exception: This one does include the drinks in the cost of the tour.)

NOTE: You’re not required to order drinks on the haunted pub tours, so don’t feel obligated. You’re welcome to just listen in on the stories and enjoy visiting the locations.

Savannah Hearse Tours

Few things screams “I’m a tourist” faster than riding around Savannah in a beat-up old hearse while a tour guide blasts stories at you over a loudspeaker. It’s practically a first-time visitor right of passage.

Still, the tours are popular — and rightly so since you get to ride around in a real hearse that’s been converted to “carry the living instead of the dead.”

Pros of the Hearse Tours

  • You can book an entire hearse for a private tour, so they’re a great option for families or anyone who wants some personal space.
  • Another perk of the hearse tours is that you can make requests if there’s a specific spot you want to see. TIf you want to venture into the Starland District or if there’s a place you’d like to check out that isn’t on any other ghost tour, the hearse tours will likely take you there.

Cons of a Savannah Hearse Tour

  • The biggest downside is that the hearses are old and not very comfortable. Maybe that’s part of the experience, though?
  • Since you’ll be listening to your guide through a speaker system, their tours don’t feel as personable.
  • In my opinion, the hearse tours are more for entertainment and aren’t nearly as spooky as the walking tours. They fall on the cheesy side — but intentionally so.
An older model black hearse with red writing on the side drives through Savannah's Historic District with a load of tourists

VERDICT: If you want a personalized tour or prefer to stick with your small group then these are a good choice. However, if you want to be scared silly, go on one of the walking tours instead.

Savannah Haunted Trolley Tours

Trolley tours offer somewhat of a middle-ground between the walking tours and the hearse tours. They aren’t very spooky, but if you have mobility issues or have young kids in tow, I think they’re much more comfortable than the hearse tours.

The trolley tours will cart you past many of Savannah’s haunted locations, and you might even go inside a few of them — although that varies based on which trolley tour you take.

Savannah Ghost Trolley Tour Options

I’ve written a very detailed post about the differences between the haunted ghost tour trolleys, so I suggest reading it to learn which tour to take. It includes lots of helpful reviews from travelers who are in my private Savannah Facebook group.

The Ghosts and Gravestones trolley at night parked beneath a large oak tree with Spanish moss hanging from its limbs

VERDICT: Choose a haunted trolley ride if you have mobility issues but still want to experience the haunted side of the city. Expect the trolley tours to fall on the cheesy side! (Don’t say I didn’t warn you.) Read my Savannah ghost tours trolley post for recent reviews.

Savannah Paranormal Tours & Experiences

Want to try your luck searching for ghosts? Savannah’s a great place to do it!

There are a few tours in the city that loan our their ghost hunting equipment, teach you how to use it, and then send you off to find a ghost of your own.

These tours use equipment like dowsing rods, EVP recorders, and EMF sensors to track down spirits. Most are outdoor tours, but the top tour takes place inside an historic theater that was built in 1818!

The Top Paranormal Investigations in Savannah

The Historic Savannah Theatre Paranormal Investigation is one of the best tours to take if you like investigating paranormal activity. The guide teaches you how to use ghost-hunting equipment and then lets you roam the historic theatre late at night when it’s extra spooky. This is a reader favorite!

In a similar vein, the same company that offers the theatre tour also offers a Paranormal Investigation of Moon River Brewing. This is the only way (that I’m aware of) to view the spooky top floor of the building.

The Witching Hour Paranormal Tour is led by Brigid, so it’s a female-owned business. She focuses on the use of dowsing rods in an attempt to communicate with known spirits in places like Colonial Park Cemetery. Hers is a family-friendly tour, and she even offers a sage cleansing at the end to ensure no spirits follow you home. This is another reader favorite!

A Southern live oak, its branches loaded with Spanish moss, grows amongst tombs in Colonial Park Cemetery

VERDICT: Paranormal activity tours work best when you go into them with an open mind. You have to believe anything is possible when it comes to communicating with Savannah’s spirits.

Savannah Haunted House Tours

While there are a plethora of different options for ghost tours in Savannah, you may be surprised to hear that there aren’t many haunted house tours in the city.

Most of the tours listed above walk or drive past Savannah’s haunted houses, but they don’t go inside.

The Sorrel Weed House is rare because you can explore the home’s interior while a guide explains its unusual history. They also offer a paranormal investigation so you can try your hand at using ghost hunting equipment inside the home.

B&W image of the historic marker in front of the old Sorrel-Weed House in Savannah.
The orange, red, and green facade of the Sorrel-Weed House, a popular spot for ghost tours in Savannah

VERDICT: I always say it’s good to take the opportunity to tour Savannah’s historic homes while they’re open to the public, since they could revert back to private use at any time.

True Crime Savannah Ghost Tours

Whether you’re a fan of dark tourism and crime podcasts or you simply enjoy watching Law & Order episodes on repeat, a true-crime tour might be just your speed.

Instead of communicating with spirits or photographing orbs, you’ll hear about real life crimes of passion that have occurred in Savannah. (This city has had plenty of them, no doubt.)

Popular topics include the notorious Mercer Williams House, a skeleton found inside the walls of the Foley House Inn, the hanging of Alice Riley in Wright Square, and many other spooky Savannah stories.

A dense fog settles over Wright Square in the dark early-morning hours in Savannah, providing a sinister aura

VERDICT: As far as I’m concerned, every street in Savannah has been the scene of a crime at least once. Case in point: Savannah Crime Map 2021 and Current Savannah Crime Map.

Spooky Savannah Ghost Tours (Ages 18+)

Sometimes when you’re on vacation it’s nice to enjoy a kid-free night.

These tours are for the 18+ crowd, and — although they don’t necessarily stop in bars for drinks — they usually don’t mind if you tote your own to go cup along the route. (If you’re of legal age, that is.)

BW image of spooky stairs with wrought iron railings

VERDICT: Choose these tours if you’re into the macabre and are hoping to get spine-tingling chills and/or goosebumps at least once during your outing.

Family-Friendly Savannah Ghost Tours

I realize many of you vacation with your kids and need family-friendly options to provide an hour or two of entertainment. I totally get that! After all, I experienced my first Savannah ghost tour when I was in my younger and more impressionable years.

That was back in the days when tour guides still paraded groups past the beautiful Hampton Lillibridge House — one of the only homes in Savannah where an actual exorcism was performed.

That tour certainly made a lasting impression on me, and I’m willing to bet a similar one will probably do the same for your kids! It’s a good way to get them hooked on Savannah.

The Top Family-Friendly Ghost Tours in Savannah

VERDICT: Family-friendly ghost tours are a fantastic way to keep the kids entertained while also guaranteeing they won’t soon forget their trip to Savannah.

Best Ghost Tours in Savannah

I hope I haven’t overwhelmed you with all the options for ghost tours in Savannah! There are just so many.

My intent is always to help you choose the best tour to suit your needs while also supporting the many incredible small-business owners in Savannah.

Each type of tour has its pros and cons, but they’re all in good fun and all part of the weird and wacky Savannah experience. Just embrace the supernatural, and let your imagination run wild.

You never know… you might get home and find you’ve captured a ghost in one of your photos!

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