If you’re looking for a festive place to stay in Savannah this holiday season, look no further than these five incredible B&Bs! From classical to whimsical to over-the-top, these bed and breakfasts go all out with their Christmas decorations.

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Christmas Bed & Breakfasts in Savannah

I’m totally convinced Savannah is one of the most charming Southern cities you can visit during the holiday season. It’s a lot like a Christmas wonderland — minus the snow.

In fact, I consider November and December two of the best months to visit Savannah.

I highly recommend staying in a quaint inn or historic B&B when you’re in the city versus opting for a chain hotel brand. You’ll have a more authentic experience that way.

Hamilton-Turner Inn

Hamilton-Turner Inn | 330 Abercorn Street, Savannah, GA 31401
Location: Historic District South
Decorating Style: Elegant, refined
Compare Rates: Booking.com | Expedia.com

It’s no secret that Hamilton-Turner Inn is one of my favorite B&Bs in Savannah, but I love it even more during the holiday season.

It’s such an elegant B&B! It has that “old money” feel many people have come to expect from historic Savannah properties.

The parlor of Hamilton-Turner Inn shows a cozy seating area in front of a lit fireplace. The mantle is made from carved marble and a gilded mirror rests above it -- reflecting the room's chandelier. A swag of blue and brass ornaments on the mantle matches the designer wall mural
Just look at that cozy seating area! Hamilton-Turner Inn is an excellent splurge stay during the holiday season. Photo ©Erin Clarkson | Canon EOS R w/Canon RF 50mm f1.2

They typically begin decorating the week of Thanksgiving and keep the decor in place until the first week in January.

During the holidays, the B&B’s wrought-iron fence gets a touch of color with swags of greenery and festive red ribbons, and striking life-sized nutcrackers guard the front entrance.

The Hamilton-Turner Inn is steps away from one of the top must-see spots in Savannah — the beautiful Cathedral Basilica of St. John the Baptist.

During the Christmas season, the Cathedral is filled with thousands of poinsettias and features an elaborate nativity scene.

Pros: The Hamilton-Turner Inn offers a gourmet breakfast and an evening wine reception. Expect to find fresh-baked cookies in the reception area each time you walk through the door. The inn gets an A+ for its walkability factor, since it’s so close to numerous attractions and restaurants. It’s a stunningly beautiful historic property, and it’s located in a very safe area.

Cons: It’s one of the more expensive options on the list, but it’s worth every penny. If you’re afraid of ghosts, know that some consider it one of Savannah’s haunted B&Bs.

A life-sized nutcracker guarding the door of the Hamilton-Turner Inn during Christmas in Savannah
Twin nutcrackers stand guard on each side of the door...
A life-sized nutcracker wearing a red and green suit stands in front of the Hamilton-Turner Inn -- one of the B&Bs in Savannah that decorate for Christmas.
…ready to greet you as you come and go from the inn!

Eliza Thompson House

Eliza Thompson House | 5 W Jones Street, Savannah, GA 31401
Location: Historic District South
Decorating Style: Classic, w/a touch of Southern charm
Compare Rates: Booking.com | Expedia.com

The Eliza Thompson House is centrally located on Jones Street, which is generally considered one of the prettiest streets in Savannah.

Employees at the inn create a warm and welcoming atmosphere by adding touches of cheery holiday decor throughout the B&B.

The Eliza Thompson House is one of the bed and breakfasts in Savannah that decorates for Christmas, evidenced by this scene of an elegant tree and cozy seating area next to the fireplace
The Eliza Thompson House is so cozy! I love that they have working fireplaces throughout the home. Photo ©Erin Clarkson | Canon EOS R w/Canon RF 50mm f1.2

It’s nice that they include the employees in the festivities by adding their names to the ornaments on the trees. (They also have stockings for each employee hanging from the mantle in the entryway. So cute!)

Pros: Southern hospitality abounds at the Eliza Thompson House. The private courtyard area is a beautiful place to relax and enjoy Savannah’s (typically mild) December weather. It does have heaters in case the weather turns cold. This B&B is located in the safest section of the Historic District.

Cons: They don’t have off-street parking, so you’ll need to be mindful of the meters. Be sure to move your vehicle on nights when the street sweepers are scheduled to clean. (They posts signs at the entrance to remind you of street sweeper nights.)

The reflection of a classically decorated tree is visible in an antique mirror that hangs on a blue wall inside the Eliza Thompson House
The tree at the Eliza Thompson House is trimmed with classic ornaments and surrounded by antique furniture.
A cozy fireplace scene in the parlor of the Eliza Thompson House shows a painting of Savannah hanging in a gilded frame above a wooden mantle
To have a working fireplace in any old Savannah home is a perk.
Close-up of a worn brass doorknob on an old wooden door at the Eliza Thompson House in Savannah
Details like this make it fun to stay in historic homes.

Kehoe House

Kehoe House | 123 Habersham Street, Savannah, GA 31401
Location: Historic District North
Decorating Style: Warm, welcoming
Compare Rates: Booking.com | Expedia.com

The Kehoe House is easy to spot when you’re strolling through the quiet east side of Savannah’s Historic District.

The imposing four-story brick home was built in 1892, and the majority of the exterior decorative features are made of cast iron that was designed to resemble wood. It’s probably the sturdiest home in Savannah!

It’s an impressive property year-round, but it looks particularly grand during the holiday season.

That’s when its dramatic front entrance and side balcony are lined with hundreds of twinkle lights that cast a warm glow over the courtyard and nearby Columbia Square.

Inside, you’ll find elegant holiday decor that includes Christmas trees trimmed in coppery tones. The copper adds warmth to an already-inviting atmosphere.

Pros: The staff at Kehoe House excels in the art of Southern hospitality. They truly go out of their way to make your stay enjoyable. Expect a gourmet cooked-to-order breakfast, afternoon wine and hors d’oeuvres, and homemade cookies before bed.

Cons: Similar to the Hamilton-Turner Inn, the Kehoe House is one of the more expensive options on the list — but it’s also worth every penny. If you’re afraid of ghosts, it’s another spot that’s considered one of Savannah’s most haunted B&Bs.

Forsyth Park Inn

Forsyth Park Inn | 102 W Hall Street, Savannah, GA 31401
Location: Historic District South
Decorating Style: Classic, traditional
Compare Rates: Booking.com | Expedia.com

You’ll feel much more like a local if you stay in a B&B bordering Savannah’s beautiful Forsyth Park. It’s a busy area, but it’s not nearly as touristy as areas closer to the riverfront.

The Christmas decor at Forsyth Park Inn is classic, with lots of greenery and red ribbons. The inn is cozy, and it’s a nice place to stay if you’re looking for that “home away from home” feel.

Pros: The inn faces Forsyth Park, so the views from the rocking chairs on their front porch are hard to beat. Street parking in the area is always free. The inn is next to a stop on the free DOT Shuttle route, which makes it easy to get back and forth to the more touristy areas near River Street. If you need to check items off your gift list, you can take a leisurely ten-minute stroll to the Design District to shop for home decor.

Cons: You’ll be close to a few good restaurants, but locations further north in the Historic District have a better selection within easier walking distance.

Cheery yellow B&B in Savannah with a white porch decorated in Christmas greenery and ribbons
Now THAT’S the very picture a Southern-style Christmas. I love the cheery porch! | ©ErinClarkson

If you want to stay warm and toasty, the Holiday Lights & Sights Trolley Tour is an ideal way to see some of the Christmas lights in the Historic District. It’s also a nice option if you’re mobility-impaired or prefer to see the city after dark in a group environment (for safety reasons). Purchase tickets here.

The Gastonian

The Gastonian | 220 E Gaston Street, Savannah, GA 31401
Location: Historic District South
Decorating Style: Traditional, classic
Compare Rates: Booking.com | Expedia.com

If you ever read the New York Times best-seller, “Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil,” then you probably know north of Gaston Street (NOGS) is a desired place to be in Savannah.

Gaston Street borders the north end of Forsyth Park and is lined with opulent mansions — plus at least one of my favorite B&Bs in Savannah that decorate for Christmas: The Gastonian.

During the holiday season, you’ll find trees trimmed in gold to match the gold curtains throughout the main areas of the B&B, traditional swags of greenery topped with red ribbons, and hundreds of sparkling twinkle lights lining the entrance and balconies along the exterior of the property.

Pros: The Gastonian is located in a quiet, residential area, but it’s still within a comfortable 20-minute walking distance to River Street. It’s only two blocks away from Forsyth Park and a five-minute walk to Colonial Park Cemetery.

Cons: You’ll be close to a few good restaurants, but locations further north in the Historic District have a better selection within easier walking distance.

Warm interior scene of a B&B showing a close-up of a mantle and Christmas tree trimmed in gold

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Do you have any questions about these B&Bs in Savannah that decorate for Christmas? If so, please let me know in the comments below.