Since Savannah is one of the most pet-friendly cities in the South, I’ve put together a handy list of dog-friendly restaurants in the city. To be as helpful as possible, I even included my favorite dish to try at each location (unless I haven’t eaten there yet).

This isn’t a comprehensive list, but it’s pretty close! It includes the majority of the most overtly pet-friendly restaurants in the city.

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Dog-Friendly Restaurants Savannah

I’ve also made sure to include info about whether or not each restaurant’s outdoor spaces are covered, since it’s really important to give your pets a place to relax in the shade during the summer months.

Savannah stays very hot and humid from May to September, and those searing sidewalks can be tough on sensitive puppy paws!

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B. Matthews Eatery

Location: Historic District North

B. Matthews | 325 E Bay Street, Savannah, Georgia 31401

They have limited outdoor seating with only 3 or 4 tables, but the area is covered so your pups can get a break from the mid-day sun. They’re very good about bringing water to the table right away!

The restaurant borders Bay Street, which is very busy, but the outdoor seating is located on Habersham Street, which is much less-trafficked. Still, expect some road noise.

Must-Try Dish: Shrimp and Grits

Belford’s Seafood & Steaks Savannah

Location: Historic District North | City Market

Belford’s | 315 W Saint Julian Street, Savannah, Georgia 31401

Belford’s is located in Savannah’s popular City Market area. City Market is a busy entertainment zone filled with music, shops, and artists.

Luckily, the restaurant is far enough removed from the live music area that the bands shouldn’t bother sensitive puppy ears.

Belford’s has a nice patio space with numerous ceiling fans that is fully shaded from the sun. It’s a nice place to relax and do some people watching while sipping on a glass of sweet tea!

The servers at Belford’s are very quick about bringing cold water for your pets as soon as you’re seated.

Must-Try Dish: Jumbo Lump Crab Cakes

Bull Street Taco

Location: Starland District

Bull Street Taco | 1608 Bull Street, Savannah, Georgia 31401

This fun little restaurant is located in the Starland District, so it’s further removed from the touristy area and in a spot where you’re more likely to find locals hanging out.

They have a small open-air side patio that’s fully covered and lit with festive string lights. (The space can be closed off during the winter months to keep the cold out — in the rare event that Savannah has a cold snap.)

Bull Street Taco’s servers do a good job of offering water to four-legged friends

Must-Try Dish: The Red Chile Tempura Cauliflower Tacos. Y’all…they’re sooo good. The Chorizo is yummy, too!

Café M

Location: Historic District North

Café M | 128 E Bay Street, Savannah, Georgia 31401

This cute little Parisian-style cafe has a few outdoor tables where you can sit and relax while taking in the view along Factor’s Walk.

The tables aren’t shaded, so this location is better when it’s not blazing hot.

Must-Try Dish: Fresh-Baked Croissants paired with Bottomless Mimosas!

Clary’s Café

Location: Historic District South

Clary’s | 404 Abercorn Street, Savannah, Georgia 31401

Clary’s is located in a quiet, residential area along Jones Street — one of the prettiest streets in Savannah.

The restaurant is a favorite amongst tourists and locals, and it consistently ranks as one of my favorite breakfast locations in Savannah.

The cast and crew of the movie Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil liked to hang out at the restaurant, so it’s fun to check out all of the movie memorabilia displayed on the back wall.

There are 5 or 6 tables outside, but they’re only shaded during certain parts of the day. It’s better to arrive early during the summertime.

The surrounding area is nice and quiet, so your pets will have plenty of room to stretch out and relax without feeling like they’re in danger of being stepped on. They always bring treats and water for pets.

Must-Try Dish: Opt for a hearty Southern-style breakfast! Clary’s is one of my go-to breakfast spots.

Crystal Beer Parlor

Location: Historic District South

Crystal Beer Parlor | 301 W Jones Street, Savannah, Georgia 31401

Known for being one of the oldest continually operating restaurants in Savannah, Crystal Beer Parlor is a perpetual favorite amongst locals.

They serve large portions of Southern-style favorites and the quality is consistently good, as well as the price.

They added a couple oversized tents in their parking lot about two years ago, and those tents allow for plenty of outdoor dining. The addition was so popular that it’s still in place today, which means your pups can enjoy a spot in the shade while you eat.

Must-Try Dish: Try the Shrimp & Grits, Crystal Burger, or the Georgia Peach Cobbler

Fox and Fig Café

Location: Historic District South

Fox and Fig | 321 Habersham Street, Savannah, Georgia 31401

Most of the “Fox” spots in town are pet-friendly. This is an ideal location for true animal lovers, because it’s a plant-based restaurant — no meat on the premises!

Fox and Fig is located in a very quiet residential area on the east side of Savannah’s Historic District. It overlooks peaceful Troup Square, which has a unique doggie fountain to keep pups hydrated.

There are a limited number of tables outside, and they each have umbrellas for shade during the summer months. The staff brings heaters out to provide warmth when it’s cold.

Must-Try Dish: Try the Bowl of Plenty with a tasty cinnamon roll for dessert.

Foxy Loxy Café

Location: Starland District

Foxy Loxy | 1919 Bull Street, Savannah, Georgia 31401

This beloved local coffee shop/eatery has the same owner as Fox and Fig. It’s located in the trendy Starland District and is an extremely popular hangout for SCAD students.

In fact, if you visit during a class break from nearby Arnold Hall, I can almost guarantee your pup will get lots of attention!

There are a handful of tables out front, but the back patio area has more space and plenty of shade.

If you need someone to watch your pet while you go inside to order, trust me — you won’t have any trouble finding willing volunteers here!

They serve food all day and into the night. Parking is free, and there’s more out back if you can’t find a spot on Bull Street.

Must-Try Dish: I live for their Chicken Chipotle Tacos!

Goose Feathers Café

Location: Historic District North

Goose Feathers: 39 Barnard Street, Savannah, Georgia 31401

Goose Feathers is primarily a breakfast and brunch restaurant. It’s located on the busy west side of the Historic District, near City Market.

While they don’t have a ton of outdoor seating, they do have at least three or four tables under a covered awning. It’s large enough to provide shade throughout the day.

Must-Try Dish: I’ll let you know once I’ve been! (Hey, I’m only one person; I haven’t been to all the places.)

J. Christopher’s

Location: Historic District South

J. Christophers | 122 E Liberty Street, Savannah, Georgia 31401

This is another good breakfast/brunch/lunch spot. In fact, they love pets so much at J. Christopher’s that they even have doggie bowls on the menu!

The restaurant is located in a fairly busy area in the central portion of downtown Savannah, but the sidewalks are really wide so there’s plenty of room for pets to stretch out.

One section is covered by an awning and there’s also a large tree that provides ample shade.

Must-Try Dish: Again, I’ll let you know when I go. I tend to stick to the local spots and avoid the chain restaurants.

Kayak Kafé

Locations: Historic District North and Midtown

Kayak Kafé | 1 E Broughton Street, Savannah, Georgia 31401

Kayak Kafé has multiple locations, but the one on Broughton Street is the one most-frequented by tourists.

The restaurant has a tiny storefront that’s easy to miss, but there are a few tables outside where you and your pet can relax. Outdoor seating is limited, though.

Broughton Street in general doesn’t offer much shade, but luckily most of the restaurants that provide outdoor seating also have awnings. It’s a highly-trafficked area for pedestrians, so pups won’t have a ton of room to stretch out.

At Kayak Kafé, the prices are good and the food is healthy, but the parking is hard to come by. They offer lots of vegan and vegetarian options.

Must-Try Dish: Wild Georgia Shrimp Salad

Leopold’s Ice Cream

Location: Historic District North

Leopold’s | 212 E Broughton Street, Savannah, Georgia 31401

Ok, ok…I know it’s more of an ice cream shop than a restaurant, but they do serve food and they’re one of the most pet-friendly places in town, so Leopold’s has to be on the list!

At 100+ years old, the ice cream shop is much-beloved by residents and visitors. (It’s also a place that gives back to the community, so they get extra points in my book for that.)

When you visit Leopold’s you can order a Doggie Sunday for your furry friend while enjoying your own treat. They’re famous for their Tutti Frutti option made with rum ice cream, Georgia pecans, and candied fruit.

It’s the perfect spot to cool down in Savannah’s heat! If you’re the Instagram type, they’ll regram both you and your pets on their IG account.

Must-Try Dish: There are so many good ones! Try Tutti Frutti, Butter Pecan, or the Rum Bisque option.

Moon River Brewing

Location: Historic District North

Moon River | 21 W Bay Street, Savannah, Georgia 31401

Moon River is located on Bay Street (one street south of River Street) and has a large beer garden area filled with picnic tables.

It gets crowded at times, but dogs can tuck under the table to avoid foot traffic and enjoy some shade!

Must-Try Dish: It’s the kind of spot where you should enjoy the beer + bar food, and don’t expect anything too fancy.

Six Pence Pub

Location: Historic District South

Six Pence Pub | 245 Bull Street, Savannah, Georgia 31401

You’ll find three or four rather large outdoor tables shaded by umbrellas at Six Pence Pub, which is located just steps away from Chippewa Square, aka: the Forrest Gump Square.

Like many of the restaurants listed above, Six Pence is located in the “To-Go Cup” zone. That means you can eat a hearty meal and then grab a beer to go.

Must-Try Dish: The Shepherds Pie

The Collins Quarter

Location: Historic District North

Collins Quarter | 151 Bull Street, Savannah, Georgia 31401

Easily one of my favorite dining spots in the Historic District, The Collins Quarter is a very dog-friendly restaurant in Savannah! They’ll happily provide a fresh bowl of cold water for your pup as soon as you sit down.

At their original restaurant, which is located at the corner of Bull Street and Oglethorpe, the small outdoor tables are covered by large umbrellas that provide lots of shade.

Their second location is in the center of Forsyth Park, and it has a good bit of outdoor seating. The park is a great place for dogs to run around, too — just make note that they’re supposed to be leashed.

The food at The Collins Quarter is amazing! They make the top ten list in my Savannah First-Timer’s Guide every year.

Must-Try Dish: Avocado Smash with Beet Hummus

The Olde Pink House

Location: Historic District North

The Olde Pink House | 23 Abercorn Street, Savannah, Georgia 31401

This classic spot is one of the most famous restaurants in Savannah.

It’s more upscale than many of the options on this list, but they’re definitely not too snooty to welcome your pups to their outdoor seating area!

You’ll find plenty of shade at The Olde Pink House during the summertime, and they provide heaters during the cooler months. The restaurant overlooks Reynolds Square and also has a nice view of the historic Lucas Theatre.

Must-Try Dish: The BLT Salad

Tacos + Tequila

Location: Starland District

Tacos + Tequila | 1611 Habersham, Savannah, Georgia 31401

This relaxed spot is located on the northeast side of the Starland District, and it features a good-sized outdoor patio. The tables are covered and sometimes they have misters and/or fans running to cool things down.

The restaurant is owned by the same trio that started Tequila’s Town (in the Historic District), and they serve up a wide range of delicious street-style tacos.

Must-Try Dish: No matter what you order, make sure you get it with a side of their creamy queso dip!

The Public Kitchen & Bar

Location: Historic District South

The Public | 1 W Liberty Street, Savannah, Georgia 31401

The Public has lots of outdoor seating, and the entire street-level section is very dog-friendly. They also have rooftop seating, but pets aren’t allowed on the second level.

At street level, you’ll find large tables, oversized awnings, and enough space on the sidewalk for pups to feel comfortable. Make note that the restaurant is first come, first serve! They don’t take reservations.

Must-Try Dish: Their yummy burgers made from free-range, organic beef

The Wyld

Location: Thunderbolt

The Wyld | 2740 Livingstone Avenue, Savannah, Georgia 31401

Although Wyld is slightly outside of town, I wanted to include it because it’s pet and family friendly. The restaurant has a nice mostly-enclosed grassy area where kids and pets can play games and burn off some energy.

The food is delicious and the restaurant has beautiful sunset views overlooking the marsh.

The Wyld serves lunch and dinner only, and they’re closed on Monday. If you’re visiting by boat, you can pull right up to the dock!

If you head out to Wormsloe to walk your dog on one of their wooded trails, I highly recommend stopping by Wyld after you’ve worked up an appetite.

Must-Try Dish: Fried Shrimp with Key Lime Pie for dessert

Colorful landscaping at The Wyld, a dog-friendly restaurant in Savannah. Red, orange, and yellow poppies are visible in the foreground, while blue Adirondack chairs surround a fire pit and a covered eating area is visible in the background. Stringlights hang above the scene
The summer peach salad at Wyld in Savannah. The plate is loaded with crisp green lettuce, peaches, candied nuts, and sprinkles of feta cheese
A slatted table made from driftwood with a metal tray full of golden fried shrimp and crispy fried okra. A colorful salad is visible in the background

Treylor Park

Location: Historic District North

Treylor Park | 115 E Bay street, Savannah, Georgia 31401

Ahhh, Treylor Park. What can I say? I love this spot. Their menu is quirky and the place is always packed (often with annoyingly loud bachelorette parties), but it’s totally worth it for their PB&J wings or the chicken and pancake tacos covered in strawberries.

If you have dogs with you, you’ll want to enter on E. Bay Lane (vs. E. Bay Street) and sit in the back patio area. It’s quieter than the rest of the restaurant and has very little street noise.

They provide water bowls for your pets, and it’s a nice, casual spot to dine after a day of exploring.

Must-Try Dish: It’s all good!

Vinnie Van Go-Go’s Pizza

Location: Historic District North | City Market

Vinnie Van Go-Go’s | 317 W Bryan Street, Savannah, Georgia 31401

Overall, this is the place to go for a casual atmosphere and yummy pizza. The slices are bigger than the plates on which they’re served!

Their outdoor patio space is covered and has about 10 tables, but it can be difficult to find a spot since it’s such a popular restaurant.

Vinnie’s is located in City Market and is adjacent to the road, so expect a decent level of street noise and commotion. It’s not a quiet place.

Parking is hard to come by, but it’s easy to walk to the restaurant from many Historic District hotels.

Must-Try Dish: I’m addicted to the ham and pineapple-topped slices. (Don’t hate.)


Location: Historic District South

Zunzi’s | 236 Drayton Street, Savannah, Georgia 31401

Zunzi’s has a good bit of outdoor seating, so you’ll find plenty of room for your pets to stretch out. It’s one of the more dog-friendly restaurants in Savannah.

My favorite sandwich at Zunzi’s is the Conquistador. Make note, though: it’s huge and very filling! It’s a sub sandwich loaded with chicken chunks covered in their (mildly spicy) “Sh*t Yeah” sauce.

Must-Try Dish: The Conquistador

FAQs: Dog-Friendly Savannah

Is River Street in Savannah dog friendly?

Yes, Savannah’s riverfront area is very dog friendly. Many of the restaurants along River Street have outdoor seating, and there are patches of green where dogs can take potty breaks. Some of the businesses leave water dishes outside for pets, as well.

Are dogs allowed in Forsyth Park?

Yes, dogs are allowed in Forsyth Park, but they should be leashed. While there isn’t an official gated dog park inside its boundaries, the open grassy area on the western side of the park is a frequent gathering spot for pets and their owners.

Can dogs ride the trolleys in Savannah?

Old Savannah Trolley tours is the only one that allows small pets on their trolley rides.

Are dogs allowed in Bonaventure Cemetery?

Yes, Bonaventure is a beautiful cemetery with nice paths and large trees that provide excellent shade during a walk. Keep your dog leashed and clean up after them, and please be respectful towards anyone in the cemetery to grieve.

Is City Market in Savannah dog friendly?

Yes, City Market is dog-friendly. Many of the restaurants in the area have covered outdoor patios, and there are numerous benches where owners can relax and enjoy live music while their pets relax under the shade trees. Adjacent Ellis Square offers open space where pets can run around.

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