Y’all… please don’t let a bad forecast put a damper on your vacation! There are plenty of indoor activities and things to do in Savannah when it rains.

Whether you want to chill out in a bookstore, sip drinks on a balcony overlooking the river, or bring your rain boots and an umbrella to splash around outdoors, I’ve got some helpful suggestions to keep you busy.

Be sure to scroll to the end of the post to see some of my favorite rainy day photos of Savannah!

Rainy-day scene in Savannah showing a curved staircase leading to the front door of a stately home. The brick sidewalk in front of the home is laid out in a herringbone pattern and is wet from a recent storm. An American flag hangs from the entryway and lush greenery flanks each side of the stairs

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Explore the Lobby of the JW Marriott Plant Riverside

Location: Plant Riverside District
Who Should Go: Take the kids

The JW Marriott is located on the far west end of River Street near the Talmadge bridge. It’s a great place to dodge the rain for an hour or two.

The lobby is set up like a natural history museum and has dozens of glass display cases filled with fossils and rare gemstones. You can spend a good 30 minutes looking through all of them!

There’s also an enormous chrome dinosaur suspended from the ceiling and a rare old crane that serves as a remnant from the days when the building operated as Savannah’s electric plant.

If you want to do a little shopping, there are a handful of shops, galleries, and restaurants located on the ground level of the hotel.

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Watch the Ships Go By

Location: Waterfront
Who Should Go: There are options for adults and kids

Watching the massive cargo ships go up and down the river is a quintessential Savannah activity that tends to bring out the kid in everyone. Here are a few places with clear views of the river:

Huey’s on the River and Olympia Cafe are two family friendly restaurants with window seats, so I’d suggest these two options if you’re toting kids around.

For the adults, Bar Julian is located in the Eastern Wharf District, and it offers the highest vantage point for ship watching along the waterfront. The bar area is covered, but it’s surrounded by windows on three sides so you can stay dry while sipping on drinks.

If you’re lucky enough to grab a coveted seat by the window in Arco Lounge, it gets my vote as the top indoor spot to relax and watch the ships go by.

Prefer to sit outdoors? Moss & Oak at the Hyatt is centrally located along the waterfront. It has a long covered balcony where you can relax on cozy, cushioned chairs. (FYI: They also have an indoor seating area in the hotel lobby that has large windows overlooking the Savannah River.)

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Check Out the Bookstores

Location: Historic District
Who Should Go: Ideal for bookworms

There are a few independent bookstores in Savannah that can keep you busy on a rainy day.

One of my personal favorites is E Shaver Booksellers, and one of the main reasons I love it is because they have four adorable cats that roam the store.

On any given day, you can curl up with a good book and there’s a very good chance you’ll spot Mr. Eliot, Skimbleshanks, Morticia, or Bartleby snoozing in a sunny window nearby.

The Book Lady Bookstore and Books on Bay are two additional options that both specialize in rare and out-of-print books.

Books on Bay features vintage series such as The Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew collections (my childhood favorites!), and the entire shop has a cozy, nostalgic feel.

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Visit a Museum

Location: Historic District
Who Should Go: Ideal for anyone

There are plenty of museums to keep you busy when the weather isn’t cooperating!

If you’re interested learning more about Black history in Savannah, take a tour of the Owens Thomas House and Slave Quarters or visit the Ralph Mark Gilbert Civil Rights Museum.

Art enthusiasts might enjoy the Jepson Center, Telfair Academy, or the SCAD Museum of Art.

If you prefer something unique, visit Prohibition Museum to learn what happens when you try to ban alcohol in a city loaded with heathens; head to Graveface Museum to delve into the lives of serial killers, cultists, and witches; or head to Webb Military Museum to peruse Gary Webb’s vast collection of military artifacts. (He’s usually there and happy to swap stories about the items!)

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Hit the Shops on Broughton Street

Location: Historic District
Who Should Go: Ideal for anyone

This option is great for escaping the rain, but it might not be so good for your wallet!

Broughton Street is one of Savannah’s primary retail zones, so you’ll find approximately 10 blocks of shops where you can browse for gifts, souvenirs, clothing, and more.

The Paris Market, Capital Bee Company, and Nourish are three of my personal favorites, but you’ll also find large national chains like Urban Outfitters mixed in amongst the local spots.

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Relax in a Coffee Shop

Location: Historic District
Who Should Go: Coffee lovers, obviously

Savannah is a great city for people watching, and the coffee shops are a fun place to do just that.

Cafe M is a Parisian-style cafe where you can grab a cup of coffee and watch the rain trickle down the windows along Factors Walk.

A few popular coffee spots in the Historic District include Bitty & Beau’s, Franklin’s, and Origins Coffee Bar. The sub street-level location at Franklin’s reminds me a lot of the coffee shops you’d find in NYC, while Origins is at street level and has an open and airy vibe.

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Take a Trolley Tour

Location: Historic District
Who Should Go: Ideal for anyone

The trolley tours keep you sheltered from the rain, but you’ll still be able to get a guided overview of the city while you’re on a tour. They have plastic “windows” that can roll down when it’s raining to keep passengers dry.

If the rain is heavy, I’d suggest doing a nonstop trolley tour instead of the hop-on/hop-off versions.


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Visit an Antique Store

Location: Historic District | Starland District
Who Should Go: Fans of all things vintage

In a city as old as Savannah, it should come as no surprise that we have quite a few antique stores that lend themselves to hours of browsing in the rain.

Some of the best antique shopping can be found in the southern section of the Historic District. A few stores to try include Jones & Bull, Arcanum Interiors, and V&J Duncan Antique Maps.

If you want to venture on down to the Starland District, hop on the free dot shuttle and head to Picker Joe’s Antiques. They have MCM furniture, Star Wars collectibles, architectural salvage, and an old-fashioned soda shop that serves Leopold’s Ice Cream!

NOTE: The map store has a new location since Dr. Duncan’s passing. It moved to 13 W Charlton St.

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Strike Up a Convo at the Bar

Location: Historic District | Starland District
Who Should Go: Clearly this option is for the adults

This city is filled with quirky personalities, and you can eavesdrop on some fascinating conversations if you relax at a bar long enough.

In the Historic District, Crystal Beer Parlor is a favored spots amongst locals. Grab a seat at the bar and pick one of the many local draft options to enjoy while snacking on comfort food.

Pinkie Masters is also located in the Historic District and is easily one of the most well-known bars in Savannah. The vibe there is very relaxed.

If you prefer something high energy, head to the touristy dueling pianos bar, Savannah Smiles.

For a quirkier destination, Moodrights in the Starland District has duckpin bowling!

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Go for a Stroll in the Rain

Location: Historic District
Who Should Go: Photographers

For those of you who don’t know me, my favorite hobby is photography — and Savannah is so stunning in the rain.

If you’re a shutterbug, too, you might want to grab an umbrella or poncho and hit the streets! (Obviously avoid this option if it’s lightning or there are high winds in the area.)

The Historic District is the most photogenic district, in my opinion. Try strolling through Forsyth Park, the squares, and along Jones Street to see if any pretty vignettes speak to you.

You can get some fantastic reflection shots if you search for puddles in front of the Cathedral of St. John the Baptist or in the cracks between the ballast stones and Belgian block pavers along River Street.

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Photos of Savannah in the Rain

Here are a few favorite rainy day photos of Savannah. (Queue the song, “Rainy Night in Georgia” while you’re looking at them!)

A rainy scene in Forsyth Park with two wet benches and a man walking his dog in the background
Mature Southern live oak covered in resurrection fern after the rain in one of the squares in Savannah. A young couple walks down a brick sidewalk in the square while dodging puddles
Two couples stroll past the blue and white entrance to Olympia Cafe. The sign above the door is reflected in a puddle in the foreground of the image and there are orange and yellow leaves floating in the puddle
The twin spires of Cathedral Basilica of St. John the Baptist in Savannah reflected in a puddle at night

Want to add some indoor activities or things to do in the rain to this list? Feel free to comment below!