Martin Luther King Jr. Statue in Savannah, GA

Profile of the Martin Luther King, Jr. bust on a pedestal in Savannah, Georgia

If you’re interested in learning more about Black history in Savannah and find yourself exploring the Plant Riverside District, you might enjoy checking out the Martin Luther King, Jr. bust. It’s located in Martin Luther King, Jr. Park, which can be found at the far northern end of Martin Luther King, Jr. Blvd. There’s a […]

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The Pros and Cons of Winter in Savannah

Pink camellias backlit by the sun in Forsyth Park on a winter day in Savannah

If you’re trying to figure out the best time to visit Savannah and you’ve narrowed it down to one of the winter months, I can help you finalize your decision. After all, I live in Savannah, and I’ve helped thousands of visitors plan their trips to the city. I’ll list a few of the top […]

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Savannah Crime Map 2023

Savannah crime map 2023 with yellow police tape and blurred red and blue police lights in the background

Please look below to find the archived Savannah crime map and statistics for 2023. If you’re searching for current information, you can find that at this link: Savannah Crime Map Additional crime maps have been archived here:📍2022 Savannah Crime Map📍2021 Savannah Crime Map📍2020 Savannah Crime Map Savannah Crime Map 2023 Please remember this map only […]

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