When is the Best Time to Visit Savannah GA?

Pink azaleas in the foreground and a yellow mansion with a white rotunda in the background in Savannah's Historic District

Most people consider spring the best time to visit Savannah, but I personally have another favorite time of year. Although this pretty city looks beautiful year-round, some months are certainly more ideal than others. To help you plan the perfect trip, I’ve come up with a list of pros and cons for each season. If […]

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A Local’s Guide to the Best Breakfast in Savannah

The avocado smash might be the best breakfast in Savannah, with bacon, beet spread, and toast covered in avocado, eggs, beets, and tomato

If you’re looking for the best breakfast places in Savannah, I’ve got you covered with a few top spots that are popular with visitors and locals. Best of all, they’re each located in the Historic District! That means you won’t need a car to get to them. In a few instances, I’ve recommended alternate options […]

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