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Savannah crime map 2021 with yellow "Police Line Do Not Cross" tape and blurred red and blue police lights in the background

Additional crime maps have been archived here:
📍2021 Savannah Crime Map
📍2020 Savannah Crime Map

Savannah Crime Map 2022

Please remember this map only tracked homicides, suspicious deaths, officer-involved shootings, and gunshot incidents WITH injuries in Savannah in 2022. Incidents where no one was injured are not included.

Click on any icon to pull up additional information and links to news reports about each incident. Use the + or – signs in the bottom left-hand corner to zoom in and out on the map.

Homicides in Savannah in 2022

Rest in peace to the following individuals who lost their lives in Savannah in 2022.

  • Female (Name Withheld), 23: Shooting | East Side | 01.16.22
  • Lemuel Rouse, 41: Shooting | West Side | 01.24.22 incident date | date of death 02.23.22
  • Markieth “Tigga” Tyrell Wright, 22: Shooting | North Side | 02.06.22
  • Burnell Scott, 15: Shooting | East Side | 02.12.22 incident date | date of death 02.15.22
  • Timothy Lewis, 42: Shooting | West Side | 02.23.22
  • George W Williamson Jr, 17: Shooting | West Side | 02.28.22
  • Joshua Mills, 28: Unknown | Unknown | 03.13.22
  • Raeem Sinclair, 41: Stabbing | West Side | 03.20.22
  • Anterro Jenks, 42: Shooting | East Side | 03.29.22
  • Benjamin Tucker, 27: Shooting | North Side | 04.24.22
  • Alphonso Oliver, Jr., 26: Shooting | West Side | 05.03.22 incident date | date of death 05.04.22
  • Desaray Gilliard, 15: Shooting | West Side | 05.06.22 [reward 01][reward 02]
  • Ashton Gibbs, 32: Shooting | North Side | 05.08.22
  • Vernita Johnson, 57: Shooting | East Side | 05.08.22
  • James Walter Miller, 51: Stabbing | West Side | 05.17.22
  • Samuel Bryant IV, 21: Shooting | West Side | 07.01.22
  • Gary Pitts, 26: Shooting | West Side | 07.07.22
  • Shawn Passmore, 49: Shooting | East Side | 07.19.22
  • Dominique Richardson, 33: Shooting | East Side | 07.21.22
  • Miles Bright, 28: Shooting | East Side | 07.25.22
  • Phoenix “Fendi” Odom, 22: Shooting | West Side | 08.18.22
  • Lauren Barton, 2: Shooting | East Side | 08.29.22
  • Devoin Bates-Carrington, 17: Shooting | East Side | 09.17.22
  • Rashard Kinlaw, 21: Shooting | West Side | 10.16.22
  • Mykel Price, 31: Shooting | Southside | 11.22.22
  • Christopher Alexander Johnson, 34: Shooting | West Side | 12.02.22
  • Kevin Johnson, 35: Shooting | West Side | 12.04.22
  • Isaac Bunton, 17: Hit and Run | South Side | 12.08.22
  • Marvin Sintell Swan, 40: Shooting | West Side | 12.11.22
  • Natalie Sampayo, 19: Shooting | South Side | 12.15.22
  • Ebony Drayton, 29: Shooting | East Side | 12.23.22

Officer-Involved Shootings in Savannah in 2022

No officers were injured in the following incidents, but the suspect was killed by an officer.

  • Robert Gadson, 35: Shooting | North Side | incident date 03.26.22 | date of death 03.29.22
  • James Allen Miller, 31: Shooting | South Side | 04.02.22
  • David Paul Dixon, 36: Shooting | North Side | 04.10.22
  • Saudi Arai Lee, 31: Shooting | West Side | 06.24.22

There was an additional officer-involved shooting in Savannah on 02.19.22. Zachary Smith was shot by a Savannah police officer on that date. Smith survived the shooting.

In March of 2023, Chatham County District Attorney Shalena Cook Jones closed three of the above-mentioned cases without informing the public. The Georgia Bureau of Investigation (GBI) has since closed each of the three cases, as well. None of the officers face criminal charges. [source]

Savannah Crime Statistics Summary for 2022

SPD released their annual crime summary for 2022. Here are the end-of-year crime statistics, based on those weekly reports:

  • Homicides: 32
  • Non-domestic aggravated assaults with guns: 318
  • Domestic aggravated assaults with guns: 50
  • Non-domestic aggravated assaults without guns: 259
  • Domestic aggravated assaults without guns: 272
  • Thefts from vehicles: 1,445
  • Auto theft: 580

In short, homicides decreased in count by 2, but violent crimes increased by 11% overall in Savannah during 2022. [source]

Crime Headlines in Savannah in 2022

  • Numerous shootings occurred in and around City Market in 2022. This prompted SPD to station patrol units in the area and install floodlights that increased in intensity as the night wore on. A new development firm purchased City Market in March and vowed to make family-friendly changes. The new owners stated plans to implement a midnight curfew in the market during 2023 and to phase out any businesses that are bar-only establishments. [source] [source] [source] [source] [source] [source]
  • Six victims ranging from 2 to 18 years of age were killed by gunfire in Savannah in 2022. [source] [source] [source] [source] [source] [source]
  • At least 10 additional victims ranging from infant to 18 years of age were injured and survived after being struck by bullets in Savannah in 2022. [source] [source] [source] [source] [source] [source] [source] [source]
  • There were a total of 5 officer-involved shootings in Savannah in 2022. One of those officers was terminated from SPD for an unrelated offense (DUI). The cases were investigated by the Georgia Bureau of Investigation then sent to the DA’s office, where three were dismissed and two remain under review. [source][source]
  • On July 29, 2022, Roy Minter resigned as police chief to “focus on the process of his U.S. Marshal nomination.” To date, no appointment has come from that nomination, but Minter is still being considered. [source][source]
  • On July 30, 2022, Lenny Gunther took over as interim police chief. Gunther has served the Savannah Police Department since 2001. [source]
  • Gunther officially became the new Chief of Police on December 29, 2022. [source]

2022 Crime Map Donations

I like to be transparent on this website. To that end, all of the crime maps on this site are monetized with ads.

At the beginning of 2022, I started donating 100% of that ad revenue to GoFundMe accounts that assisted with funeral expenses for the victims. However, I stopped doing that about halfway through the year.

Why? Because contributing to the victim’s families felt like I was taking action after the fact… once it was already too late.

Preventing Crime in Savannah

I would rather contribute towards something preventative.

To that end, about halfway through the year, I started donating 100% of the ad revenue generated from the crime maps to local organizations with youth-oriented initiatives.

Moving forward, each view of the crime map will help fund programs that work to steer Savannah’s youth off the streets and away from a life of crime.

The following charitable organizations received donations from the Savannah crime map in 2022:

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