Columbia Square is one of the smaller-sized squares in the city. It has plenty of shade, thanks to the mature Southern live oaks dotting each corner, and it has a pretty water feature.

Overall, I’d say this square leans towards the quieter side, so it’s a great spot for relaxing. Every now and then a ghost tour group wanders through, but you could comfortably read a book in the square without too many distractions.

A cast-iron fountain in Columbia Square trickles water into the brick surround beneath it. Lavender Agapanthus blooms are visible in the foreground, while fuchsia and purple hydrangeas are visible behind the fountain. It is shaded by Southern live oaks

Columbia Square | Located at Habersham Street between E State and E York streets

Notable Structures in the Square

There’s a pretty green fountain in the center of the square that used to be located at Wormsloe Historic Site. The plaque in front of the fountain reads:

Fountain from Wormsloe
given in memory of Augusta and Wymberley DeRenne
by their daughter

Bronze historic marker in Columbia Square with the inscription "Fountain from Wormsloe given in memory of Augusta and Wymberly DeRenne by their daughter Eudora 1970"

The base of the fountain is made of cast iron and is rather intricately detailed. It looks like a tree stump surrounded by flowers and fern leaves, from what I can tell.

Notable Structures Around the Square

Kehoe House is one of the famous historic homes facing Columbia Square. It’s also considered one of the most haunted B&Bs in Savannah. It has quite a history to it, including operating as a funeral home at one point and being owned by football great, Joe “Broadway Joe” Namath in the late 1980s. (Rumor has it he wanted to turn it into a Playboy-style nightclub.)

The Isaiah Davenport House also faces Columbia Square. It was built in the 1820s and was the first older home “rescued” by the Savannah Historic Foundation. Essentially, it was the starting point for all of the modern-day preservation efforts of Savannah’s historic homes. It currently operates as a museum and gift shop and is open for touring six days a week.

Close-up of the red-brick front facade and entry to the historic Davenport House in Savannah. The door is white with windows on each side and a curved window above, there are two curved staircases with wrought-iron railings, and the home's windows have black shutters
Bronze Georgia historic marker for the "Colonial Town Gate: Davenport House" with supporting text written in gold lettering. Plants with hundreds of white blooms and a large Southern live oak are visible in Columbia Square behind the sign
The ironwork on the curved staircase at the Davenport House is beautiful. There are boot scrapers on each side, located on the outer edge — three steps from the bottom. The historic marker is located in the square. | All photos ©ErinClarkson

Favorite Photo Spot

I love the north end of the square during spring, summer, and fall.

Thousands of white azalea blooms fill that area during March and April, and then the hydrangeas start blooming in May. They bloom in deep, rich shades of purple and magenta and look STUNNING.

Here’s photographic evidence to back my claim:

Dozens of pink and fuchsia-colored hydrangeas bloom in Columbia Square with the Davenport House visible in the background
Hydrangeas planted in Columbia Square show deep purple blooms in the foreground and fuchsia-colored blossoms in the background
A hybrid hydrangea blooming in Savannah is half pink and half purple, with a tiny blue "button" visible in the middle of each bloom
Looks like a chimera to me — and a very pretty one, at that! | All photos ©ErinClarkson

Maybe I’m odd, but I think they still look pretty — if a bit moodier — even late in the season once they’ve dried out and turned brown.

Front view of the Davenport House as seen from Columbia Square. Faded hydrangea blooms are visible in the foreground
The Davenport House is located near the north end of the square, aka: the prettiest end of the square. | ©ErinClarkson

By the way, if you’re into birding, there are plenty to see in this square. I don’t spot owls or hawks too often, but I do spot lots of smaller birds. They’ll get pretty close to the camera and aren’t shy about posing.

A tiny bird standing with its legs apart defiantly looks at the camera
Such a sassy little stance! | ©ErinClarkson

Where is Columbia Square located?
Address: At Habersham Street between E State and E York streets
Safety Level: There’s little to no crime or panhandling in this square
Restrooms: 10 a.m. – 5 p.m. Mon – Sat at the Davenport House Museum

What else is popular in the area?
River Street | 0.3 miles
Colonial Park Cemetery | 0.3 miles

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Savannah Historic District map with a yellow star denoting Columbia Square, which is in the northeast section of the district. The Savannah First-Timer's Guide logo is placed in white on a navy blue background in the bottom right-hand corner
Columbia Square is located in the northeast section of the Historic District where you see the yellow star on the map. | ©ErinClarkson