2024 Savannah Historic District Map

Savannah Historic District map sketched by Ivan Chow and watercolored in soothing shades of greens and blues. Created exclusively for the Savannah First-Timer's Guide website

Are you looking for a Savannah Historic District map? You’ll find plenty of them online, but this watercolor version is by far the prettiest option! Come check it out, and then stick around to learn the difference between the northern and southern sections of Savannah’s Historic District. If you’re new around here, first of all […]

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Savannah Historic District

Two-story blue home with a chimney as the focal point and a steeply pitched roof

The Historic District is the most popular section of Savannah for first-time visitors to explore, but there’s so much to take in that it can feel a little overwhelming at times. No worries; I’m going to help you get a better feel for it the best way I know how… through photos! I’ll be perfectly […]

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