Savannah Weather by Month

Purple flowers in the foreground of Madison Square in Savannah with a statue in the backround

I keep getting weather questions in my Savannah Facebook group, so I figured it was about time to do a “Savannah weather by month” rundown. Anytime I’m asked a question multiple times, I know I need to write a post about the topic! That’s how my “Best Time of Year to Visit Savannah” post came […]

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Plant Riverside District: What’s REALLY Worth Seeing?

Plant Riverside District sign on the side of a white building that has a rooftop bar and two smokestacks on the roof

If you’ve done any research about Savannah, you’ve probably heard about the new Plant Riverside District. It’s the city’s current hotspot, so it’s getting plenty of press. But is it really worth visiting? There’s a lot to cover in the area, from the JW Marriott Plant Riverside hotel to District Live to the many shops, […]

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Savannah Weather in March (Includes Photos!)

Vibrant pink azalea blossoms line a street in Savannah with two historic homes in the background

Want to find out what to expect from Savannah weather in March? You’re in the right place! It’s one of the best times of year to visit Savannah, especially once all the beautiful azaleas start to bloom. Find out the average highs and lows, what type of flowers you’ll see during your visit, and what […]

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Savannah Crime Map 2021

Savannah crime map 2022 with yellow police tape and blurred red and blue police lights visible in the background

Please look below to find the archived Savannah crime map and statistics for 2021. If you’re searching for 2022 information, you can find that at this link: Current Savannah Crime Map I always feel the need to point out that Savannah’s crime isn’t centered in one specific location, but is instead spread out like polka […]

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