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The affiliate program is free to join. Once you apply, my team will evaluate your application and notify you of your acceptance or rejection. 

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You’ll find answers to the most common questions about the Savannah First-Timer’s Guide affiliate program below. 

If you don’t see the answer to your question, please contact [email protected].

You’ll earn 30% of each sale made through your unique affiliate link.

Your affiliate link has a 3-month tracking period. That means you’ll earn a commission if someone clicks on your link and makes a purchase within a 3-month time period; they don’t have to purchase right away!

You’ll be paid on the fifth of each month for all commissions earned the month prior. Payment is via PayPal. 

You can share your unique affiliate link on your social media platforms, in your newsletter, or on your blog. 

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Your Welcome Packet will contain a list of ideas to help you promote your unique affiliate link.

You’ll find banners, swipe copy, tutorials, and more in the Affiliate Resources Center, which will be linked in your Welcome Packet.

You can read the comprehensive list of affiliate terms and conditions here, but here is a brief summary.

  • Only sign up to become an affiliate if you genuinely like and recommend the product.
  • If you say negative things about the product, you’ll be removed from the affiliate program.
  • You won’t earn a commission if you click on your own link to purchase gifts for others.
  • You must agree to comply with FTC guidelines for influencer marketing.

This rarely happens, but one example would be if your site has inappropriate content or promotes discrimination.