Can you imagine my surprise the first time I strolled past 17hundred90 Inn and Restaurant in Savannah? I was an impressionable youngster at the time and was on a ghost tour with my family when I noticed the shadowy figure of a lady looking down at me from a window above the hotel’s entrance. I instantly froze in place, and at that exact moment I knew it must be one of the most haunted hotels in Savannah!

As it turns out, that shadowy figure was a doll placed in the window by cheeky hotel staff to draw attention to the inn — but it sure left a lasting impression in my mind.

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17Hundred90 Inn and Restaurant History

17Hundred90 Inn began as three separate residences back in the early 1800s. The first structure was destroyed by the great fire of 1820 that burned more than 450 homes and businesses in Savannah. It was a devastating event that left many homeless and caused neighboring Southern states to flood donations into the city.

The entrance to the bar at 17Hundred90 Inn is hidden under the stairs at the corner of the building
17Hundred90 Inn just looks haunted, doesn’t it? The entrance to the bar is hidden beneath the stairs at the corner of Lincoln and E York Streets.

Some remnants of that original structure still remain today, including the brick and slate floors in the restaurant’s main dining area.

The Main Inn was originally a duplex that was built between 1821 and 1823. You can see the beams from what used to be the back porch of the duplex when you’re standing at the front check-in area. The Main Inn expanded in 1888 with the addition of another residence.

Currently the Main Inn consists of 14 unique rooms, but there are also three guest houses.

  • Guest House 1 has the most incredible painted ceilings! Room 302 is my favorite, although the decor is very Victorian. (It fits!)
  • Guest House 2 still has the beautiful original wood floors and one or two of the rooms have exposed brick walls. My favorite is Room 306. It has a king-sized bed, a tub AND a shower, and it includes a pretty fireplace. I also like room 305.
  • Guest House 3 has exposed beams and exposed brick walls, both of which I always love. I think Room 315 is probably my favorite because of the fireplace.
Front entry with flowers and a wooden door with a gray awning with signage that reads 17Hundred90
Three-story brown stucco and brick home with a blue door and an iron balcony on the second floor

The entrance above shows the main inn, while the building on the far right with the blue door is one of the guest houses.

17Hundred90 Inn & Restaurant | 307 E President Street, Savannah, GA 31401

So…is 17Hundred90 Inn Haunted?

There are two (or three, depending on the source) ghosts who supposedly roam the grounds. Two are friendly and the other — not so much.

Thaddeus is the name of the friendliest ghost. He leaves pennies lying around in the restaurant and tavern for guests to pick up. I like any ghost who’ll pay me to be his friend!

The not-so-friendly ghost isn’t quite as welcoming. No one knows the name of this spirit, but legend has it he was a Voodoo practitioner and head cook at the restaurant.

Employees working alone in the kitchen have reported hearing sounds like keys jingling and pots banging together. They’ve reportedly even had spice jars thrown at them!

But the most famous spirit of all is the ghost of Anna…

17Hundred90 Inn Room 204

Anna is said to haunt Room 204, and her tale is a sad one. There are multiple versions of it, but the general consensus is that she fell in love with a sailor while she was promised to another man. The sailor headed out for sea, and she was apparently so brokenhearted that she took her own life by leaping to her death.

Nothing hurts the heart like unrequited love, right? I feel your pain, Ghost Anna!

Mannequin of the ghost of Anna at the haunted 17Hundred90 Inn and Restaurant
The scary mannequin representing the ghost of Anna likes to watch over all those who dare enter the inn.

Now, I’ve been to the 17Hundred90 Inn many times, and I don’t see how a leap from the third story could actually kill anyone. (Technically, Room 204 is on the 3rd floor.)

However, we’re talking about a period in time when healthcare wasn’t very advanced. So…who knows? I guess anything’s possible.

Miley Cyrus stayed in Room 204 while filming The Last Song on Tybee Island, and she believed she received a visit from Anna. She posted a photo of her boot with a small handprint on it and claimed Anna left the mark.

Ghost Anna has been known to move guest’s belongings and tug on their bed covers. Then again, there are some guests who haven’t experienced any ghostly encounters at all. Maybe she only comes out to play when she’s in the right mood?

As always, if you’ve stayed there and have anything to report back, let me know in the comments below!

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17Hundred90 Inn Savannah Reviews

One of the best things about staying at 17Hundred90 is how walkable the city is from its location. It’s on the northeast side of the Historic District, so you’ll be in a quiet, residential area, but you’ll still have easy access to Savannah’s restaurants and landmarks.

Distance from 17Hundred90 Inn…
River Street: Walk to River Street in less than 10 minutes
City Market: Walk there in 10 minutes at a leisurely pace
Forsyth Park: Walk there in 15 minutes at a leisurely pace
Nearby Restaurants: The Pirates’ House, The Olde Pink House, The Collins Quarter, and Leopold’s Ice Cream
Nearby Landmarks: Owens-Thomas House and Slave Quarters, Davenport House, and Colonial Park Cemetery

The staff there were very accommodating! The location was excellent. We walked almost everywhere! We stayed in Room 301, and I liked that it had a whirlpool bath and a separate shower. It also had a private courtyard where we could eat outside. We received a free continental breakfast.

Lisa W, via my private Savannah First-Timer’s Guide Facebook group

Staying at the inn also truly feels like stepping back in time. The narrow hallways, creaky floors, Victorian furnishings, and old fireplaces really are a blast from the past. On a quiet evening, you can also hear the clippety-clop of horses passing by the inn. If you love history and hauntings, then this is a hotel to consider.

The restaurant on the main floor of the inn is the area that feels the most historic to me. I love the low ceiling with its exposed wood beams and the dark red brick floors and antique chandeliers. It feels like such a cozy spot!

Old fireplace with an oil painting of an old, balding man wearing a red kerchief tied around his neck
Low wood-beam ceilings above a fireplace with gold-framed mirror at the haunted 17Hundred90 Inn and Restaurant.
Office space with an antique desk and chandelier at the haunted 7Hundred90 Inn in Savannah

Insider Tip: Neither the main inn nor the guest houses are particularly soundproof, so keep that in mind. If you need to sleep in absolute silence, you should opt for a newer hotel — or bring ear plugs.

Head to my Best Accommodations in Savannah page to see a list of my favorite hotels and B&Bs (and learn why I like them!) or do a search below to see what’s available.

17Hundred90 Menu

If you’re staying at 17Hundred90 and don’t feel like venturing out, the inn’s own restaurant is a popular spot to grab a bite to eat. The menu has a wide range of choices, so there should be something to suit everyone’s needs.

Like a true Southern establishment, they bring out fresh biscuits and honey butter before your meal. That in itself should be enough to make you want to reserve a table!

The restaurant was nice. The piano player was a quiet piano player. (I cannot stand loud music when I am eating.) The food was good. The restaurant had Leopold’s Ice Cream for dessert, so we were able to taste it there instead of waiting in the long line at the store!

Lisa W. via my private Savannah First-Timer’s Guide Facebook group

Popular meals include the Filet or New York Strip, Shrimp Scampi, and Boursin Chicken.

Blue and white china with two crabcakes and colorful red yellow and orange tomatoes
Last time I was there I picked up the crab cakes and brought them home to eat (because of the pandemic).

Attached to the restaurant is a quaint little bar that’s popular with visitors and locals. (That’s how you know it’s a good spot, right?)

If you’re looking to have a drink in a quiet pub-like atmosphere and relax after a day of sightseeing, 17Hundred90’s bar makes an ideal place. It reminds me of an old episode of Cheers.

Cozy seating area in a bar with brick fireplace, oil paintings of old ships, and dim lighting
No one was walking past when I took this photo, so I’m curious to know if that dark spot on the right side of the fireplace could be an evil spirit I captured?

Insider Tip: Most of the ghost tours and haunted pub tours stop by the inn on a nightly basis, so you might run into large crowds outside.

Overall, I love this quaint little hotel for its history and for the haunted factor, but particularly for its quiet east side location.

While I tend to favor The Marshall House, I think 17Hundred90 is an ideal spot for ghost hunters and those who want a cozy inn with good food and a relaxing bar on-site.

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So…is the 17Hundred90 Inn and Restaurant haunted? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below — especially if you’ve had a strange experience there.

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Pinnable image of the entrance to a haunted hotel in Savannah at night with spooky lighting
Pinnable image of the front entrance to 17Hundred90 Inn during the day with pink flowers surrounding the door